Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 10

LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR LETTERS Green Deal or ‘Greed’ Deal? Launched last October, the Green Deal has been hitting the headlines for quite some time, but is all publicity really good publicity? There has long been much confusion in our industry about whether or not windows and doors will be included, and if this will be the shot in the arm our industry so needs. More recently, it has been reported that assessments under the energy saving scheme are facing delays due to a shortage of the software required to carry out one area of the test. But what really worries me is the discovery by the online news site ClickGreen, that; far from being simply an independent initiative to help businesses and consumers alike access energy efficiency measures and cut down energy use; some of the biggest beneficiaries of the scheme are in fact the so called ‘big six’ energy companies. That’s right, Gemserv was appointed as the ‘independent regulator’ of the scheme, and has made some £5.8 million from taxpayers from doing so. But who are some of the biggest shareholders at Gemserv? Do the names British Gas, Scottish & Southern, ScottishPower, nPower, E.ON and EDF ring any alarm bells? With the obvious conflict of interest, it is of little surprise that these particular organisations are against much of the detail behind the Green Deal, and yet, they are happily taking taxpayers’ money to regulate it. More startling still, is the lack of transparency about their involvement with the scheme. Visit the DECC website, for any mention of British Gas, the largest shareholder of Gemserv? Or Gemserv’s website itself? You’d be hard-pressed to find any great detail about the shareholders. In fact, when the publication was brought to my attention by my peer, John Oddi, who was quoted in the ClickGreen article, it was clear that, despite several attempts to get the regulator’s side of the story before publishing, both t R4TBff67W7W'6FV6ƖVBF6VBvF6V6fW&VB7F&W2bw&VVBB6''WFW6VBfW"FRV'2g&ƗF62FfB6B&W'22F26ǒFW"vbV7W&rFBFRVRvfR&VVr&rfB&W6W2WBb7WǖrVW&wBgFVV'F&R&6W2FFRVFW&ǒ"gVW&&RrfRFW"6W&6R6S4T%dUrvV6W2WGFW'2f"V&Ɩ6FFW6VB&R6VBFD6V'fWrV6ФWGFW'2&R7V&V7BFVFFrBgV6F7BFWF2W7B&R&fFVBB6VB&RFVBFBFR2W&W76VBWGFW'2&RF6RbFRw&FW"BBb6V'fWrw&WFB"G2VVW2ࠤB6VV2FBFRVvW'2B'W6W76W2vfRfW7FVB6V6FR66VRfFV"FW2rVVB&RVFWfW"r&WB7WBbF6R&W6W2VvVB7G&vB&6FFR66VS6Vr6( B6VRFBVrࠤ"66W'fF'&g2Wr( V GW7G'7V6Ɨ7BvFFW6G2b&g2&VG7WƖV@&VN( Fࠤv72F2f&S6W'2B6Rbǖ6&&FRgV&vRbv726VFs6V6W2RVƗFRB6V"BG&GV6r6'Bv73V&VRWWG&B'&RFG2ࠥ7&B6W'f6Rrf&R&V֗6W2$6W wV&F&g2rf&P&W6VVBf"7V&2B66W'fF'&g2VW2VFr67G2FvfW"vFW"VW26FR7VW g&F2F6V'fWr66W'fF'&g2VvffW"FRwV&F&b77FVFFFFFR"FF2WrFWfVVBvfW26V'fW~( 2G&FR7W7FW'2WfV&R66Rf"FV"VBW6W'2FRwV&F&b77FV26ƖB&bFRg&vf6VB7FVVvFFRV&6RbFVB&bvFRfVRbbBWGW&f&2G2ǖ6&&FRBv726VFW''G2v6V266W'fF'vFwV&F&b6&RVVBV"&VB7Frv&vFW"B6FR7VW"vN( 2&RwV&F&b67G2BvVv2FR6R2v72&bB6&R&WG&fB2vV2&VrFVf"Wr'VBF&WVW7B'&6W&R6C"c3ࠥFVâB"fB c3#CC@6W466W'fF'&fG26Vwwr66W'fF'&fG26VVB$4Du2%U4U52$e$TtDĔU"$BTS2DdT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р