Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 86

MOVERS&SHAKERS Great Northern: New BDM for the North HOPPE (UK) has appointed Rick Corkhill as the door and window business development manager for the north. » » RICK STARTED OUT AT COLEMAN Plastics (then part of Travis Perkins) in 1994, supplying plumbers, heating engineers, builders, roofers, window manufacturing companies and window installers. From there he moved to Premier Profiles and has remained within the fenestration industry ever since. Rick is joining HOPPE (UK) from ERA where he was also a business development manager, bringing with him over two decades of experience working in the industry. Rick says: “My experience within the construction and fenestration industries means I understand the typical problems and barriers that HOPPE (UK) customers face and can therefore give them the best hardware solution. This is particularly important at this time, when the correct specification and supply of building products – and especially anything related to fire safety, security or accessibility – is under so much scrutiny. My role is to keep our customers up to date on the latest products and trends, and to ensure they continue to receive fantastic customer service every step of the way.” Based in Wolverhampton, HOPPE (UK) Ltd is a market leader in door and window hardware. As a member of HOPPE Group, HOPPE (UK) benefits from over 60 years’ experience in architectural hardware, providing products that have been tested to meet the most stringent European and British standards. RISA Appoints Director of Operations » » RISA THE INSPECTION AND auditing company for the Glass and Glazing Federation, has announced the appointment of Dave Mechem as Operations Director. Dave has been with RISA since January 2016 (when the company was founded) and was instrume [[][\H[X[ۂ\X\X[H܈SHHXY[˜\][\ۜ&H[YH[H\[^[X܋ 0H N0PTHHHR B]H\Y\\Y\ۈ8'HB[وHY\'Hܚ[\[\[XB܈HX[[[][ۈ\[\ۙYH\™[Z[KH]ZXHܙ\Y XZ[[[[\[X\]Y[H[[[œ\^Z[[\X[ˈ[[YKH\[Bܙ][\H\[\XH[\[BHXX][ۈXܞKX[YX\[™[Y\܈]ۈ[[[\BHY\YK]H[Y\\\قH\[\[]\[YH[ݙY]^HB[[[\ۈX[Y[HXܞK[ ]HX[YH[[X܈܂SHXHZ\[\[[[X[ۂ\Y\[H]X\Y[ۈ[]\\]Y[H]\ H\[Y[ [X[ۈX[Y\\ۜXB܈HX[Hو[Xܜ]ݙ\Y[[[[\˂\ۈ\]\[[ۈ\][ۜ‘\X܋]HZY 8'H[H]\Z[Y۝[[\H][[Y[HB[X[ۜ\ݚY[Tx&\Y[]Hۜ[H[\ݚ[\XK'BۈX\[HH]H[Y[Y 'H[H^]Y[ۛ\YH][B[H[\H[ܛTH[BXY[[X[ۈݚY\'BHZ[H܈TH\XYH[]Y[HXܙY]][ۈ\XH RTBXܙY]Y[[ۜ]H][\\X[ ٙ\[ۘ[ Z\[؝\[X[ۈ\X\HۜX[ۈ[\K]HYY 8'HY[][YY]BܚY]YH[\X[\][ۂٙ\[ۘ[ݙ\HYX\[x&]HX\HH[و[K^H\\X[B\\YY[][H[H[™ܝ\ܙX]XY][Y[]\[H]\K'B˙ًܙ˝Z