Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 82

BUSINESSNEWS INDUSTRY MARKETING SPECIALIST SHORTLISTED FOR TWO CIPR AWARDS » » BROUHA MARKETING HAS BEEN selected as a finalist in the prestigious Chartered Institute of PR PRide Awards 2018, which recognise outstanding work delivered to clients. Brouha was selected by a panel of leading industry experts for the categories Corporate and Business Communications Campaign, and Integrated Campaign for the work it has done with customers DOORCO and Double R Glass & Roofing Systems Ltd. “It’s always nice to be recognised by industry awards,” says Fiona Lund, proud MD of Brouha, “but we’re particularly pleased to have made it through to the shortlist in awards that celebrate the very best of PR and Marketing across all industries. It’s a fantastic achievement for us and our proactive customers. “We’ve been a results-focused agency since day one and have won a number of awards in our 11-year history, but it’s especially nice to see companies focused on quality and genuinely putting customers first doing so well. As homeowners continue to become more discerning, it’s the quality-focused brands that are investing in marketing their wares, that are coming out on top. INDUSTRY HEAVYWEIGHT TEAMS UP WITH FINANCE FIRM » » LEADS2TRADE HAS announced a partnership with Pomegranate Commercial Finance to enable them to assist both existing members - and non-members - access funding options to help them achieve their business ambitions. Leads2trade generates thousands of leads per month for companies operating in the home improvement market, with the core sectors including windows, doors and conservatories. These leads are then double qualified by Leads2trade’s in-house call centre and passed onto members of its popular Trusted Local Supplier network, in postcodes of their choice. Andy Royle, co-founder and Director at Leads2trade, comments: “Typically, our members are high-growth businesses that are launching new products, employing new staff and acquiring new premises. Access to business loans, alternative finance and investors can help them to achieve these aims as and when they are looking to do so.” Built on more than 20 years of success in commercial finance and consultancy, Pomegranate offers several services, including asset f [[KX[B\Y[[[\[\]Z\Y[[ZX\[[[܈\[\\[™܈[[X\Y[]\š[\[[وZ\[]B]ZX\\[ ˛XY̝YK˝Z•X[H\ۜ]Y\›ZYHX\[\[[B0HPSHшRQTHS™H\^[[Y]H]YBX]ZHۈHX[X\[\\]B[\[[K8&X[H\8&H H[B 0H N0PTHHHR Bܛ^[HXYK\[[\X\YKX\ۈ\Y[\H\[ZZBX][Y]\ Hۜ]Y\YHY\Z\H[ۙ^H܈HX[X\[\\]K]YZ[]ۈ[[[[[]YX[]\܈X[][][H[[\[H^KHܝY[[^ Z\[[H\[]Z[XH[X[Y؞HX[ܝY\][X]\YX[\[XY BZXYݙ\]H][ۜ]YBZ[[[]وHX[X\[\ˈYBH[[]HوH[[HHX[HYYZHZ[[\[ۜ]H[\ۘ[Z[\[܈H][ [] SوH\ܛ\ \\H][[\\ܝ [HZY8'YHYXHY\H\\[][[XY][Y[[H[B[ܙYXHYوHX[K^HܚY\H\[HYZXY[\H^B[]ZYٙ'BY[H[ZHۘ]K\]˂\][˘Kٝ[Z\[\ܛ\X ˜\^X\][˘