Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 8

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS BFRC DELIVERS STREAMLINED SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS » » THE BRITISH Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) launched a new bespoke system, especially designed to provide all customers with an improved streamlined customer management service. BFRC customers are already receiving instant notifications of product scope updates and are benefiting from the enhanced reporting. This custom-made system has now improved internal efficiencies, resulting in a quick turnaround for all companies who are part of the BFRC schemes. BFRC is the premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors. With a new management system fully in place to support the customer journey, its clear BFRC is continuously striving to enhance their customers’ experience. Lis Clarke, BFRC Operations Director said, “Providing exceptional customer service and the best customer experience is at the core of our values. I am delighted to see that our customers are already benefiting from up to a 70% reduction in processing times, due to the new system we have introduced. These foundations will hold us in good stead for the future and forge the exciting developments we have planned.” | Aluminium central to success » » IN JUST OVER A YEAR SINCE ITS launch, CentralASL - sister company to CentralRPL and part of the Boing Boing w&W2FrFRV֖V&W@'7F&6VVFrG26R2RbFP֖FG>( VFrV֖Vf'&6F'2@6G&'WFr&RF#RFFRw&W( 0fW&6W26VG&4vVW&vW"F&6V6VG3( W6rFRTF&vR6VG&4Vf7GW&W2V֖VЧvFw2VG&6RF'2&fG2@F2f"G&FR7W7FW'2W&Fr&FFR&W6FVFB6W&6&WG2WfW'FrFRF&vR2&VVFW6vVBFW6VVBFW&'VFr7FF&G2vRffW&r&F&W6FVFB6W&6VBW6W'26V7W&R&VƖ&R7GƗ6rЦFV6R7VFRbV֖VvFw2@F'2( Ф&r&rw&W4Tv''FFW67&&W2vN( 2&VB6VG&4( 27V66W73( ĖGW7G'vW&RVƗG2vfV6W'f6R2WfW'FrB6VG&4FP&GV7B&vRBVƗG&RW6WF'WBvB&Vǒ6WG2W2'B2W"f7W27W7FW"6W'f6R( Чwwr6VG&66V%$trDR$4d"EcSE$%$Td5B$u0+ +%%T42%$Tt@w&VB'&Vr7FFFPBBb&66Gv6W2FWW&6V'&6W27&72FP֖FG2f"&VBb'&Vf7@&w2F&FREcSG&খ''V6&GV7BvW FfB"W3( &V6V@V'2fR6VVVvW'0&V6R7&V6vǒ666W0&FbFV"Vf&VF7BBFR&6r&6R`VW&wBvfW&VG26WF&FW2BFW"'VRЧ6WGFr&FW2fR'&VvB7G&7BVf&VFVv6FॖWBƖRFW6G2bFW 7FW'2&VBFR6VG'7BfR&VVW6r6Ɩ6Pf"V'2bBFV6FW2B6VP&V6FW6RFrV6RW"'&Vf7B&w2&RfF7F2'GVGf"WW&6V7W7FW'2FVWBWV&W'0bFR''V6FV6VREcS +4U# +4T%dRrR2ХG&W66RBV&&P&WBG2&VVfG2( ХEcS26&W76VBfЦ7VFr6V6RR&VfPFR&6rW"FRFP7FVFǒWG2FVffV7FfVǒ6Vv2B76W2&WGvVVFPg&RBvख&VvFVBvFfRЧ&WF&FB&W6N( 2WG&VVǐ6fRBffW'2WG7FFpFW&Vff6V7WG7FFp"FvFW72BG&fr&&W67F6RbBV7BcगB6&fFW2WG&VVǐ667FVBf6wwr''V66