Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 68

FIRESAFETY& SECURITY 5-year warranty for ‘TOPP- selling’ ACK5 Vent Engineering has launched a free 5-year warranty option on the new TOPP ACK5 window chain actuator. » » THE ACK5 IS VENT Engineering’s first joint product collaboration with TOPP S.r.l. Designed for top-hung, side- hung and bottom-hung windows, as well as pitched vents or rooflights, the ACK5 offers a long-life and highly-versatile solution for automated opening and closing applications. A new heavy-duty gearbox enables Vent Engineering to offer a further 4-year warranty option in addition to the standard TOPP 1-year warranty. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Vent Engineering is the specialist distributor of actuators, window controls and openers for natural and smoke ventilation systems. The launch of the ACK5 coincides with manufacturer TOPP S.r.l. appointing the Poole- based company as its sole UK agent – building on an existing 22-year trading relationship. Easy to install, the ACK5 is supplied with a wide variety of brackets to fit probably every window design and is available in both 230v ‘a long-life and highly- versatile solution’ and 240v variants. Standard colour options are white, silver and black, however Vent Engineering can provide a powder coating service in any RAL colour if a bespoke finish is required. HOW DOES A FIRE RATED LETTERPLATE WORK? » » MAKING SURE THAT ALL FIRE rated door products are tested to and exceed the latest fire safety standards is a top priority. UAP Ltd has a large range of fire rated products developed using innovative materials intended to slow down the spread of fire through the door. On all UAP fire rated letterplates, a special 1.8mm thick intumescent lining is placed on the letterplate sleeve. The intumescent composition 68 » SE P 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M is halogen free, based on exfoliated graphite which has excellent expansion and thermal properties. As soon as the heat from the fire is over 200 degrees, it activates the intumescent lining to start expanding. It can expand up to 50 times its normal size (up to 90mm.) This swelling causes the letterplate sleeve to crush and tightly seal the 40mm high cavity hole in which the letterplate is placed, restricting the movement of smoke and air passing through the door. As it expands, it creates a thermal insulating foam layer and produces a char which limits the transfer of heat. During a fire, there is a risk of the letterplate falling off the door, due to metal screws being screwed into a plastic surround. The fire causes ѡх͍ɕ́ѼՍЁаɸ)ѼЁѡѥɽչѡ͍ɕܸ)ȁѡ́ɕͽU@ٕ́)Ёͽɉ́Ʌѕ́ɔ)Ʌѕѕѕ̸Q͔ͽɉ́Ё́)ͥѡɵɥȁѼɕٕЁѡѥ)ɽѽՍѡѕх͍ɕ́ȁ)́ͥѡɕɔ她ѡ)ɕɔѡɽ՝ѡȸ)U@́ݥɅɔɅѕMɕ)ͥѕѕ́ՑɅѕ)ݥѠѥɽչյմ)х́ѕٕ̰ͥݡɔͼ)م̀ѕ́ ѥɔɽٕ)%ѥѼͥѡAL(؁͕ɥɕեɕ̰ѡхѥ)U@QLMѕɥѕє́ѕѕѼ)ѕ́ ѥɔѵѥȁ́(ѕ́ ѥɔѵѥȁ̸)ȁɔɵѥхЁU@(؀ȁ٥ͥЁܹՅɅє