Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 64

HARDWARE& SECURITY ALPRO ‘ACES’ FRED PERRY HQ IDF Aluminium has installed doors and internal screenwork at the new headquarters of iconic sportswear brand Fred Perry in Clerkenwell, London. » » THE WORK INCLUDES USE OF transom door closers, pole handles and door handles from Alpro as part of the renovation of nineteenth-century warehouse buildings into a complex of offices, showrooms, exhibition space and a rooftop deck over 24,000 square feet. The many considerations for architects BuckleyGrayYeoman included preserving an iconic façade and working round plaques commemorating damage suffered by the building during World-War-II bombing. The interior fit-out including m & e systems was by Overbury and the base build contractor was Willmott Dixon. The new space was prepared to a demanding four- month deadline. Alpro’s overhead transom closers provide a means of hydraulically controlling the opening and closing of aluminium doors and can have light, medium or heavy spring strengths to suit type of usage, with a 90-degree hold-open option. Transom closers are well suited for use at industrial heritage buildings such as the Fred Perry premises since the alternative options of spring hinges and floor springs often present problems with adjustment flexibility. The IDF installation also includes Alpro’s Functional 98 Series pull door handles on internal doors. These are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel and can be straight or offset. The handles are supplied with bolt-thru or back-to-back fixings as standard and powder or nylon-coated finishes to the user’s precise colour requirements. In this case a powder finish was chosen to match the framework. IDF Aluminium specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium doors. The door solutions are designed for use in commercial and public-sector environments where usage may be high but maintenance costs must be minimised. The company has 30 years’ experience in the shop front and commercial door market. IDF Aluminium ensures a quality service by designing and fabricating all its doors and shop fronts in-house with no use of sub-contractors. The client portfolio covers transport, local government, healthcare and education from schools through to universities. This is IDF’s second heritage architecture project using Alpro equipment and follows works at Henry Wood House, a former BBC property in Marylebone. New Twinbolt Locking System » » SLIDING AND FOLDING door hardware manufacturer – P C Henderson – has launched its new Twinbolt locking system for use with its leading exterior door hardware system, Securefold. Twinbolt is a sophisticated locking system for exterior folding doors whereby one simple turn of a handle engages a 22mm throw to securely lock the doors at the top and bottom of the system. Designed as a stylish and more concealed alternative to flush bolts, which require manual locking in two separate areas, the product is set to be a popular addition to the range. New features include the system being able to work with any euro cylinder lock meaning installers have the freedom and flexibility to use their preferred choice of lock – as well as an increased throw of 22mm, providing added security. This feature also provides installers with greater flexibility in regards to the gap between the door and the frame, an important factor due to timber doors often expanding and contracting after installation. A range of accessories are available to add to the refinement of the product including a stylish Malta Handle Kit and routing rubber cover strips available in a variety of colours. Finer details 64 » SE P 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M such as the inclusion of a factory set handle height (1050mm) and easy adjustment of the top lock rod - to suit standard and non-standard doors heights - demonstrates the high standard )ͥՙɥɽ@) !ͽ)ɕ܁I屔Ḿ)5ɭѥɕѽȁЁ@ )!ͽѕqѡ՝)ѡɕ٥ٕ́ͥQݥ)ݽɭɕݕѽ)ѽ́ѡЁЁɕեɕ)ɕ͕᥉丁Q)ѕݥЁ䁕ɼ履)ݡ́ѡѕ)ɔɔɽȁ䁙ɔ)ȁ̸Qѕ)́ݡ́ѡəЁ)ȁMɕѕӊé͍ɕа)履ٕ͠аɕեɕ)ѱ́Ʌѥݗeɔ)ЁЁݥɕٕݕ)ѡɭлt)Mɕ́ѕɥȁ)ȁɑ݅ɔѕݡ)مȁѽչݽ)́ݕѼ(Ȁ́ݕ́ѽ)ɽ́ݕѼ(͕ɥٕͥ)ѡɽՍЀMɕUɄL)ͼمݡQݥЁ)͕ݥѠ)ܹͽ