Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 62

HARDWARE& SECURITY “Exceptional reliability, quality, aesthetics and value” » » IN A TIME-PRESSED industry, finding ways to save time and make life easier for customers is more important than ever. It’s something Epwin Window Systems has always understood and thanks to its in-house Safeware hardware range, fabricators can order both their profiles and hardware in one single process. Safeware offers all the benefits you would expect from an Epwin Window Systems brand. The unrivalled range includes branded locks, hinges, handles, stays, cylinders, vents and furniture for all Epwin Window Systems’ product types. Every item in the range has been chosen for its exceptional reliability, quality, aesthetics and value. When correctly specified, they also comply with Document Q, hold the Secured by Design accreditation and all relevant BSI Kitemarks for complete peace of mind. The Safeware brand maintains high stock levels at its Telford warehouse so there’s no need to worry about product availability or delays to schedules. There’s also the benefit of having the flexibility to choose exactly the level of security and aesthetics required without having to worry about profile compatibility, something that delivers another tick in the box of simplicity. HARDWARE BRAND STRIKES GOLD FOR EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT » » HOME SECURITY EXPERTS, ERA, has achieved the prestigious Investors in People Gold accreditation, reflecting the company’s commitment to its team. The Investors in People standard, which ERA first achieved in 2014, measures how well an organisation meets three key criteria; leading, supporting and improving, through a performance model of progression. ERA’s Gold accreditation indicates even higher performance in people management, which is bench-marked against global industry practice. Nicky Purba, Human Resources director at ERA explained, “We have worked hard to ensure that ERA’s core values are embedded throughout the entire business and inform every decision we make. “We lead by example and actively encourage open communication via regular staff meetings with elected departmental representatives and senior management. This has enabled us to empower our team to make decisions and to act upon them with confidence. “In addition, we can see a direct correlation to business performance and Investors in People. It h \[XY\XܝZ]Y[XB\ۛ[X\[\[\ݙY\X]]K'][\ܜ[[H[[Y]\][H\\X\Y\œYXH]]H[\ۛY[[X\X[Hܚ˸'B˙\Y]\]\KBRSTTQSSRBԈTTHTSB0PQSSPTPPUԂ[\H\\\Y]][HT̍\YYY܈][ۋ[\KH[Z[K[ۙY[[܈XX]܂[H NN K][ܝ[]H][H܈XYX][ۈ[X\]H\\BXYH][[H[]B\]]ܜ˂[\H[YHۙ[\[X\[\\HX[X]B\ܛX[HوXXKHܛ8&\XY[›ۙ[YH\Z[XH X\[YYYZ[܈ LYX\ˈ8&\Z[\Y[ܙY[TB0H N0PTHHHR B\[H[H\ܜ[ۈ\\[ \˜Hۙ\ڙXYY\[Hݙ[X\]BXܙ[H K^YX\X\[YK]\B؝[\XK]\\Y]HZ[\BY[X[HX[\ ][\[܈X\[ܜ[ۈ\\[ H[H\XYHHܘYH Z[\\Y[ ]8&\^\[ۘ[H\\[ܜ[ۈ][[H\\ۙ][ۜ˂\\\X[\H[][[\[XXB\[[[ۈ][\XH[X\\H\HX[[[[وXY\[[BX[]X\HY][][˂\[x&\ K^YX\X\[YH\H\ق][[H[H\[ݙ\YHB\[x&\\Z[]HK\X\HX\]B\ܛX[HX\[YK˝؋HBBB˙[\K˝Z