Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 60

HARDWARE& SECURITY INTEGRATED DOG BOLT LEADS IN INNOVATION » » DEMONSTRATING ITS innovative approach to product design, ERA, the security expert has introduced a new patio door hook locking solution whose ‘Integrated Dog Bolt’ feature, slimline gearbox and unique locking clusters solve several challenges commonly faced by fabricators and installers. It is generally accepted that unsightly plunge bolts ruin the clean lines of patio doors, and they do not generally meet the building access requirements of Approved Document M. In addition, fitting them involves routing, which can be difficult and time-consuming, aligning them with associated keeps can be problematic, and re-aligning them is sometimes required on site after installation. Also, the cost of their purchase and fitting in the factory can be high. The integrated dog bolt in ERA’s new patio door lock solution does away with all of these problems, and is considerably more cost- effective when the overall product cost, including manufacturing labour and adjustments on site, are taken into account. A twelve point lock version of the new patio door solution featuring the new dog bolt interlock means it can be used as part of a complete door to achieve compliance with PAS24 2016. In addition, it is designed to achieve both Approved Document Q and Document M, and is TS007 compliant. The new solution is compatible with both of ERA’s Euro Cylinder and Invincible Cylinder, and since the Invincible 3 star-accredited cylinder is the most cost-effective solution on the market, this is a great differentiator for fabricators and installers. It is ideally used with the Fab&Fix Pembroke handle, whose extended lever is designed to accommodate reduced operating forces. This ensures it is easier to operate by the elderly or infirm, making compliance with Approved Document M simpler. The new patio door lock solution can be used as part of ERA’s ‘Total Security Guarantee’, the most comprehensive guarantee on the market, which provides fabricators and installers with a valuable selling tool at no extra cost. Once a property is protected by ERA’s high security hardware, the company guarantees to replace the homeowner’s damaged window or door and pay out a cheque for £5,000, in the unlikely event that their security is compromised. The first sweet » » AS THE FIRST ORDERS OF SWEET, the revolutionary door furniture range s х)Ѽɽѡѥ݅ٔѽ̰)ѡٕ䁙Ёȁ́܁хݥѠ)ѡ́ɕѕɕٕͥɑ݅ɔѼ)хձȁи)]Ѡѽ́ɥ٥Ёѡ)ձ䰁ѡ)݅́ѽɅչѽaMݕӊdѼ)́ݥѠѡЁэɽՍЁ̰ͅ)ݡٔͼѡɽ՝Ս͙հ)ɕͥٔѕѥɽɅȁݕѡ)ɕͥхɅѥ危̸=ٕȁѡ)ݕ́ѡ́ͽѕ)ɕѕɅ́ݥɸչ)ѡȁMݕЁѥ+aՔˊd)Qхѥ͕ɕ)ѕєȁյɅɽѡ)MݕЁɅݥѠ́MхȁUѥ)履Ȱɽ ɥͅЁMɔ%ѡ)ѕɕѥ͔Ց䰁ѡȁ͕݅́)ɍAY ԁɅݥѠɕձ( M@ 0IY$\U, <4)ՙɕȁͱɥՔ)хÊéՉɉ)9ѽ < ɥͅЁMɔ)ѕ胊q]eٔɽ՝Ёͽɱ)́ͅȁѕѥ́ͅɕ͕хѥ́)ͼѼЁѼѡЁȸ$݅́ѡɔݥѠ)ѡѽɅȁȁѼ͕MݕЁɅ)ȁЁͥєȁЁѡ)͡Ё͕ͅѥɽ٥ɕͥ)եѕɑѥѡ)ѕɥѥѡӊéٕٕ(́ѡͅЁɅ䁍ȸ+qQЁ݅ٔѽ́ٔɕ)ѕѼMݕЁ݅䁅ݔٔ)ՕՔѡ́ȁѼѡѕȁ)ѡɽՍЁ́ɕٽѥ䁥ѕɵ́)ձեѕ́́ѡ݅ݗeɔɕͥѡ)ɝѥՕ́ѡѡɽ՝)ѕȁѕɥ́ѡЁ)݅Ʌѥ́ɕЁݥѠѡݹȸ)%ӊéձѥѕ䁄Քȁȁѡ)Ʌȁ͕ѽȻt)YͥЁܹݕе̹