Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 46

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Listers makes room for Räum » » REAFFIRMING ITS POSITION AS THE supplier of unrivalled choice, well-respected Stoke-based fabricator Listers Central has made a move into high-end aluminium with the addition of the Räum collection. The Räum collection combines a full range of luxury aluminium windows and doors including bifolds, sliding doors and even sectional garage doors. Named after the German word for ‘space’, Räum is designed to allow installers to create large-span openings and win new business at the sharp end of the home improvement market. Phil Warren, Sales Director at Listers Central says: “Combining bifold and patio doors, as well as windows and garage doors, Räum is perfectly placed to help our customers tackle the changing market, capitalising on the demand for aluminium but also for premium home improvements.” The star of the Räum collection is the luxury patio door system, which delivers an expert balance of strength and performance with ultra-slim aesthetics to create a fully uncompromised aperture to connect the home with an outside space. With openings of six metres available, the Räum patio system is a highly-desirable, contemporary solution for both renovations and new-build projects. “We’re really excited to add Räum to our offering and when our customers see it, we know they will be too,” adds Daniel Shaw, Marketing Manager at Listers. “There’s no doubt that aluminium bifold or patio doors are the must-have home improvements among consumers. With Räum, we can not only help our customers meet this demand but upsell the complete premium package with windows, doors and even a high-end, automated garage door range. “We have been working hard transforming our showroom in Fenton to include the complete Räum collection, allowing our customers to not only see these quality products for themselves, but use this premium showroom space with their own customers. To be expected from Listers, we will also provide full support including showroom literature and samples as well as a complete premium marketing package.” Listers Central is one of the industry’s biggest names, renowned across the country for its expansive product range across uPVC, timber and aluminium and its unrivalled marketing support package, Elitis. With Roy Frost now at the helm, the firm is part of GJB Holdings, a £22m turnover supergroup which also contains GJB Window Systems, one of the UK’s largest Eurocell fabricators. RUN THROUGH SASH HORNS ADDEDTO HERITAGE PORTFOLIO » » NOTTINGHAMSHIRE’S NOVA Trade Frames is now offering its trade customers the most authentic heritage-style PVC-U windows on the market, with the introduction of Run Through Sash Horns for its Heritage and TOTAL70 profiles. Nova Trade Frames is an Authorised REHAU partner and fabricator of high quality windows, doors and conservatories. The family business supplies trade and retail customers nationwide and recently invested £10,000 in 46 » SE P 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M a new end miller machine to create the run through horns for its bestselling REHAU profiles. Run Through Sash Horns were an original feature on wooden sash windows to stop them from opening too far. Thanks to the modern engineering of PVC-U windows, the horns aren’t required from a functional point of view anymore, but for a truly authentic finish on a vertical slider, they are a must. Nova Trade Frames has been offering the integral Run Through Sash Horns on its profiles since the new manufacturing equipment was installed in February, and the company now sells very few Heritage windows without them included in the spec. Alex Hunt, M [Y[\X܈وݘBYH[Y\ZY8'[H\HYY[H[Y\ܛHB\]]܈\HXX[\][H܈\Y\œ\]Y\[] ]]H\H\B[ۈH\]YH[YHو\\[\]\XYH[ܙH[H[\[H\]Z\Y[ܙX]HH[Y\ܛ\[\˸'BXK\XH[\X[Y\BRUHZY8'[ݘ][ۈ[H^[š[\H\۸&][^\YX[[ܝ\ ][[YX[ܙX][H[Y][ۘ[\[[Z]HYYو\B[H\Y\ˈH[\[[XX[\H™[]\X[[\[Y\ܛݘHYH[Y\\Z[H]][X]Bو\\]YH[Y\H\\\[H\[H]\HX\]Z\][\H\Z\\Hٙ\[\Z[H][H\\HHܛ 'BݘHYH[Y\\Y[XZ[”UH[[H NN [\Y[HRUH]]ܚ\Y\\܈[[BXYK]\]YH[\H]Z[XB[H[[HوRUH[Z[]H[\ݚY[[\X[]Y\܂\[\Y\˂˛ݘ]YY[Y\˘˝Z