Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 40

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Sales ‘skyrocket’ thanks to #BestInClass products and service » » DECEUNINCK’S SALES CONTINUE to surge and are 15% up year-to-date. May’s sales were the highest ever recorded, a staggering 22% up on May 2017. Managing Director Rob McGlennon says the company’s sustained growth is down to Deceuninck’s lead on colour and #BestInClass products, like the award-winning Heritage Flush Sash. Deceuninck has near-perfect delivery scores too, with 99% OTIF (On Time In Full) recorded for both April and May, a remarkable achievement given Deceuninck’s extensive colour from stock range. Rob says: “Sales have skyrocketed in the first six months of 2018 while many in the market have slipped back, and we’re confident we will continue to grow fast. It’s down to giving our customers the products and service to stand out and sell more. Our Heritage Flush Sash is a real star and now accounts for 22% of our total sash sales. Remarkably, these are additional sales for Deceuninck, and it’s a similar story for our customers. Product is only half the story - our customers know they can rely on Deceuninck to deliver on time and in full, every time.” ENJOY THE VIIU » » VIIU (PRONOUNCED ‘view), the outstanding slim-line sliding door taking the market by storm, has become the first product of its type to pass the new more stringent security standard PAS24-2016. Viiu offers ultra-slim sightlines, secure laminated glass throughout and an ingenious, unobtrusive design. With the outer-frame entirely built into the façade, it gives the appearance of a wall of glass, strong enough to support moving glass sections of up to 750kg, and fixed glass sections up to 1200kg. But it’s the product’s unusually slim but robust interlock section that’s allowed it to achieve much sought-after PAS24-2016 accreditation. “The PAS24-2016 process is extremely challenging,” explains Viiu Sales Director Rod Tate. “It was recently updated to stipulate the interlocks should not part by 50mm under 450kgs of force from both sides. As a result, most systems on the market found Architect: Crahay & Jamaigne Architectes | Photo: Samuel Defourny themselves in trouble. They simply hadn’t been designed to withstand that level of force. “A simple look at the shape and size of the Viiu interlock shows that by design it has the strength required to pass the test. We have video evidence showing there was no gap at all between Viiu’s inside and outside interlock.” Next-gen renovation window ‘the preferred solution’ » » JANISOL ARTE 2.0, THE SECOND- generation renovation window from steel systems specialist Schueco Jansen, is proving popular with architects because of its enhanced specification, improved performance characteristics and ability to satisfy the aesthetic concerns of local authority planners and conservation officers. Now being seen as the preferred solution for many refurbishment projects, especially those involving a listed building, elegantly ‘retro’ Janisol Arte 2.0 offers an enlarged range of profiles with slim sight-lines from 25 mm. 40 » SE P 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Available in all th ́)չѕɕѠɔе݅)ɥե̰᥵մٕЁݕ)ٔɕ͕Ѽѡ́Ѽѡ)ɽՍѥхєѡах)х́ѕ̸)ѡȁЁ́ѡЁͥȁɥѥ)ѕՕ́ɕՍՙɥѥѼ(ԔѡЁͥ)ͽє(ȸٕ́ɽՍѡѥЁѽѼ)ٕͥЁѡɕ٥́ѕ) ́Ёȁ)ͽєȸɽ)Ʌѕѥĸāх́ѕ)ȁ ѕѕѥѥ)ѡЁ́ѡ՝ЁѼչэ䁅䁽ѡ)ɕمѥݥ܁ѡɭи)ȁɔɵѥ͔)͍Օ