Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Fire safety still the hot topic LETTER TO THE EDITOR » » IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY For our part, this month we have a Fire Safety Extra section that covers fire doors, fire windows, specialist hardware and access controls, and as always, I invite contributions from all levels to keep this conversation going as much as possible. For as we know, staying silent on fire safety will not make a difference. Gemma, Editor 4 » SEP 2018 » CL EARVI E W- U K . C O M No guts in glazing? Following a period of consolidation and unrest in the industry, smaller firms need to show guts and embrace innovation if they are going to survive. » » THE NUMBER OF know, the annual ‘Fire Door Safety Week’ takes place at the end of this month. Held across the week of 24-30 September, the campaign was born back in 2012 and saw steady growth until 2017 when a record number of 273 organisations took part (over 50% more than the previous year), more than 350 pieces of media covered the event, and there were over 19,300 visits to the official website and a reach of almost 485,000 on its Facebook and Twitter pages.* Why am I telling you this? Well, it isn’t because I’ve suddenly switched to the Fire Door Safety Week marketing team, but the media pack for the campaign certainly makes for a compelling read. The Grenfell Tower tragedy was undoubtedly the cause of the huge surge of interest in last year’s figures, but the aftermath of the incident, its ongoing enquiry, and a massive call to action across the industry means that the matter of fire safety has remained at the forefront of our minds – and hearts – for a lot longer. For so many people to have lost their lives in something that could’ve (and should’ve) been prevented is the worst tragedy of all, but if it means changes are made throughout the sector, and buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained to a safer standard in the future, we can maybe be appeased that there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As for the campaign at the end of the month, in the organisers’ own words, Fire Door Safety Week focuses on: • “Raising awareness of the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to a legacy of neglect and specific concerns related to product selection, installation and maintenance. • Encourage building owners and users to check the operation and condition of their fire doors and to report those that aren’t satisfactory. • Link together the initiatives of many organisations with common interests in the f&RF"B76fRf&P&FV7FGW7G&W2( VvvRBVGV6FRVRVrFRvR'VFpGW7G'BWfW'&W'GvW"FVFW'7FBFP6'&V7B7V6f6F7Wǒ7FFW&F7V7FBFV6Rbf&RF'2( Ц6W2G&FrFRv70Bvr6V7F"2fƖr'W@FRfW&vRV&W"bg&W0&Vr&GV6VBV6vVV2FR&6R( 22&R@&R6BVFV6V@Vf7GW&W'2B7FW'0&R7V&VB'&vW 6W2खFR7W'&VBG&Fp6FF26WfW&GW7G'VgvVvG2&R66VVpFV"&fG27VVWVB6&VBFbW WW&VVv&W'2vRF( @fW7B2VfǒfFB&W6V&6BFWfVV@FRT'BbFR&V6f"F22FBvR6WFW0&V( B'&fRVVvF6&vP&V֗V( 2"7&VFR7VGW&RbvfVRf"W &GV7G2v6GW&FVw26W2F6WfRFP&v2&WV&VBFfW7B&PVfǒfFगN( 26WFrv^( &RG'rF6vRBEu"BfW"FP7BfWrV'2v^( fRfW7FV@667FVFǒ6W'Wp&GV7G2BfFF02vVBW2F6WfRV V"w&wFfW"FR7BffPV'2B&V6RRbFP&vvW7BVW'2FR&VvW&FrfW"F&VRf7F&W2ऒ&VƖWfRFBFW&R26bwWG2FRTw7B琦'W6W72vW'2B`6W'6R'WBvWFW"N( 2fW7FpWrFFfW2"pBF2ƖRW'Fr( 2vPVVBF&R'&fW"F7W'ffR@W7BW"GW7G''WBvFFRTV6גFW''&6&G6Eu"&fG2vpF&V7F