Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 38

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS ‘TIRED’ COMMERCIAL AND RETAIL BLOCK TRANSFORMED INTO 14 APARTMENTS » » PROFILE 22’S PRODUCTS have recently been used to help transform a tired commercial and retail block in Redditch, Worcestershire into 14 one- bedroom apartments. The project was undertaken by longstanding Profile 22 customer Framexpress, and installer Goldstar Windows. The complexity of the project combined with the high profile location of the site meant that only experienced contractors with considerable technical expertise would have the credentials to take on the project. The installer chosen for the project was Goldstar Windows, a company with a wealth of experience in commercial installations. Owner Noel Preece was supported on the project by his long-term fabrication partner, Profile 22 Approved Window Contractor Framexpress. Dave Stearman, Business Development Manager at Framexpress, said: “We have worked with Profile 22 since we were founded in 1998. We manufacture Profile 22 because they offer superb quality, a comprehensive range of products and strong customer support.” Together, Noel, Dave and Gary Millership, Specification Manager at Profile 22, worked closely to ensure every element of the project met the specifications and fabrication and installation ran smoothly. A full survey was carried out with Gary who then produced the designs, training and on-site support. The products chosen for the project were Profile 22 curtain walling SK200 and Optima casement windows. Profile 22’s curtain walling system combines quality, sustainability, aesthetics, price and performance. Optima is a 70mm chamfered solution that’s part of the award-winning Optima system that is rapidly becoming the commercial system of choice for specifiers thanks to its intelligence and innovation. The new curtain walling and casement windows have given the Evesham Walk offices a new lease of life as 14 apartments, giving the building a much-needed facelift as well as making it more thermally efficient. Noel commented: “The project has been an absolute pleasure to work on from start to finish and all parties have performed very professionally. Profile 22’s specification engineer was invaluable with his knowledge and expertise and the design and support service has helped us complete the project successfully.” The project demonstrates the outstanding results that can be achieved when experienced, dedicated professionals work with industry-leading products. It also demonstrates the depth and quality of the support Profile 22, an Epwin Window Systems brand, offers its customers as standard. “EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE” » » DECEUNINCK’S latest annual customer survey shows very high levels of customer satisfaction across the board. The leading systems company achieved particularly strong scores for high quality products that meet the latest industry standards, product availability and on-time deliveries. The survey recorded customer priorities and satisfaction rates across a broad range of attributes from product, service, technical support to quality of marketing materials. As rated by customers, the top three priorities were product quality, product availability [ۋ][YH[]\Y\[BYH\Y\\XB\ܝ[\XH]X[]K\Y\ܚXHX][[H[[[ۈ\ۜ\Œ0H N0PTHHHR B\H8'X\ٝ[[ܛ['B[8'ۙ\[['KX][[Q؂X[ۈ[Y[Έ8'x&\B\HX\Y]H\[ق\[\[[\^HX\Y\\H\H]\X\XK\ܝ[[]\Y\ˈ\Y\™\ܚXHX][[\¸'X\ٝ[8'H[8'ܛ['K]YX\Xܙ XXZ[[\\YX\\Yۈ\Y\&Bۈ[\X[\\ܛX[B[][[H\ܚXH\˜HYX[X\] ']8&\]XB]]H\ۜH]H[وH\^H\܈\Y\™]H\ۙ\YYXB[[\ݙH\[K\ܝ[\XK^H[[[ܙH[ܛٚ]XK'x&]HܚY\™][Й\[\XœX\Y\ [\]\ ][[\]YH\\X][[\Y\œ[][\]H[ܙBYX][K^H[&]]Y^H]]H܈[\]B[]\Y\X\Hx&]B[\YX][H[\X˜[\Z\[Y\ \^\ H[Y[[B[\[[[[\Y\ H[܈\[\]YBX[ۋ\Y\ۛ]^Hܙ\[\]Hۂ[YH[[ ^H[\]8&\B[ܚ]H[x&\H[YY^Hx&]HXܙYX\B\X[]\Hܙ\وNIB܈H\[۝ˈY[x&\H][\H[\\[\Y\H[]H[B^\Y[HHX][[™Y\[K'B˙X][[˘˝Z