Clearview National September 2018 - Issue 202 - Page 30

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS LETTER TO THE EDITOR A SOLUTION TO THE SILICONE SHORTAGE As hundreds of your readers will know all too well, we’re in the middle of the worst silicone shortage in years – and in fenestration, that’s a big problem. » » WE’RE NOW FACED WITH higher prices, longer lead times - often by weeks, not days - and the dilemma of whether to suck up the punishment and try and wait it out, or think long-term and look for alternatives. The causes for the shortage are complex. Global silicone demand is at an all-time high. All the world’s major silicone facilities have fallen behind demand and hiked prices as a result. And some key manufacturers have been hit with other problems, like strike action. Broader political and economic trends are complicating the issue – most notably, the continuing ascendency and industrial dominance of China. Sixty percent of the world’s silicone now comes from Chinese facilities. Once, if production fell in one part of the world, other regions would ]HY[XHXZH\BY\[K]\[ܙH[[ܙHوHܛ8&\š[\X[X]]H]ۘ[]Y[[K[\HX[\[]\K]8&\ۙ\H\K[\ܙx&\H\[[ۂ[\HX[ۈ]Y][[XKx&\H[[XK[[[[\\ۙ•^H[[HXH[ܙX\\[ۙ\XY[Y\[HH\[ܚ\\\œܝ []Y ]]H\[[X]HۛH[œ]۝[YK[]Yۈو\K\[B[XۙHX[ۈ]\[\\›وHܛ[H[YHۋ]8&\Z[H]ܝY\[XYHHY[\\[K[ٝ[K܈[[[\]X\ \H\[[\]]K L[\[X&\\ Z[X\[š[[][ۈ\K[\[K]8&\H\\Y[H[[][œX[ ۘH[H[[ݙHHX[\\B\HXY[H^[YX][HX[[\˜[X\]Y[H[YH[[ [\Yۘ]Y]H[YK\]\[\[]8&\™^[Y[HYK[ٙ\][[\X[YXY[K][[Z\]Y\[][œZ[\\[Hو]X\ K&[\[\ܝ[X܈\Bۜ\[HY \]X[]H[\X[ݚY\ˈ[H[\B[&]X]\\X]X[]Bو[\]HX[[8&B[\Y[\YۙY[[[Y\Y™^[[]\H\X ]8&\HKX\\Y ][KY[[ۘ[]\][H\H]8&\š[\Yۘ]Y][YK\]\[\[]ٙ\H[][[\X[YXY[K][[Z\]Y\[][œZ[\\[Hو]X\ K]X[˜[Xܛ\[H[[[[H[]YۚYX[H[\ݙ\X\Xš[[][ۋ[\[\ܝ[X܈\Hۜ\[BY \]X[]H[\X[ݚY\ˈ[B[\H[&]X]\\X]X[]Hو[\]HX[[ [ [[\ܝ[Hو[ ]8&\HY^H™] Hو\ۋ\[XۙHX[[][ۜ›ۈHX\]\H]Y ^x&\H[ܙYXB[H]HY][^O‘[XZ[[[XPݙܛ\ ˝ZŒ0H N0PTHHHR BYX[[Yۋ܈^HܙX\B\[ܛ\ˈ[\ۙBو\H؛[\8$[[BYX\\Y[\YY[HX]\وZ[]\˂]8&\[ܙK]8&\[H\X[] LM M܈H\^H[[[][ۈو[[^\[܈][H\[^[Y\][۸&\ZYBXXKY[x&\H[\\Y[X\[[ܙH8$[[[Hۙ]\H][ۈ[X[]B[[XۙH\H8$۸&]\]]H][X [\[\[K]Y^[܂XX[Y\˚[X˘K[Ћ L ][˘X\Y]]Z˘