Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 91

TIMBER Bringing the ‘Eco’ Back into Bereco Since 2003, Bereco has been supplying performance engineered timber windows and doors to housebuilders and developers primarily supplying to new build homes around the UK. » » NOW THE GROUP IS REBRANDING with an environmental focus. In 2010 Bereco Retail was added to what is now the Bereco Group and the company found for really the first time that they were talking to homeowners as well as other companies and consequently, began to feel a great responsibility that they were now being invited to be a part of people’s homes and daily lives. Kirsty Cox, General Manager for Bereco Retail explained: “The introduction of Bereco Retail brought into focus for us that the owner of the home to whom we are supplying windows is just as much our customer as the trade company to which we sell - and it was with this realisation that saw us begin to change the way we market ourselves. PROTECTING OUR PLANET “Reconnecting with our roots and why the company was started for us has been the main objective in our rebrand. We want to be a brand that people can connect with and a company that stands with their customers in protecting our planet. Our rebranding brings t