Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 90

TIMBER Style, standards & performance Windows and entrance doorsets are intrinsic to the overall look of any building. Whatever material is chosen, it is important not only that the style is in keeping with the building but that it also takes into consideration performance requirements (such as thermal efficiency and weather performance characteristics). REGULATORY STANDARDS Windows and entrance doorsets are covered by a harmonised standard and are thus eligible (and wherever appropriate, which is in the vast majority of cases) under the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations, should be CE Marked. Building Regulations cover all aspects of a building’s design to ensure compliance with the Building Act 1984. These Regulations are divided into Parts A to P, with corresponding Approved Documents providing guidance on how to meet the requirements of that Part. Compliance with the Approved Documents is not strictly mandatory, although if you divert away from the requirements, you have to prove how you meet the requirements of the Regulations. The Approved Documents that are relevant to windows & entrance doorsets include B (Fire safety), F (Ventilation), L (Conservation of fuel & power), M (Access for the disabled) and N (Glazing - safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning). The main British Standard for timber windows is BS 644, “Timber windows – Factory assembled windows of various types - Specification” and for doorsets is PAS 23, “General performance requirements for door assemblies”. Both these Standards refer to a number of other Standards and Codes of Practice. Start the week with Clearzine. • Every Monday. • Delivered to 14,000 industry emails. • Your weekly news portal. • Mobile-optimised. Your customers, your news... Tel: 01226 321450 90 » SE P 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M SERVICE LIFE EXPECTATIONS Timber windows have benefitted from a massive increase in consumer confidence in recent years. The huge improvements in design, manufacture and performance means that timber is now widely recognised as a fashionable, versatile and environmentally friendly choice for the home owner. Recent evidence from the Wood Window Alliance indicates that timber windows also have the potential to add value to property and can offer service life upwards of 60 years. ‘fashionable, versatile and evironmnetally friendly’ CTI URGES GOVERNMENT TO USE TIMBER TO IMPROVE UK HOUSING SUPPLY » » FOLLOWING THE launch of the White Paper ‘Fixing our Broken Housing Market’ earlier this year, the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) responded by highlighting the vital role timber has in delivering sustainable and quality homes at the levels required to meet the housing shortfall in the UK. The paper sets out the government’s strategy to ending the housing crisis and includes measures such as encouraging smaller housebuilders and improving the availability of viable land for housing developments. The CTI response welcomed the White Paper and proposed tangible “timber solutions” to the challenges of current UK housing market. ‘delivering sustainable and quality homes’ As well as co-writing the CTI document, BWF also fed into the Construction Products Association (CPA) response to the White Paper.