Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 64

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS LUMI POD’S A SHOW- STOPPER AT BRISTOL TRIAL » » A NEW BESPOKE DISPLAY POD FOR the radical Lumi window and door range is being trialled by approved dealer Crystal Clear Bristol with a view to rolling it out across the system’s retailer network. The Pod, which is already proving the centre of attention in the retailer’s showroom, is styled directly after manufacturer Apeer’s striking exhibition stand with the specific aim of targeting leads generated by the company’s busy schedule of lifestyle exhibitions. “So many homeowners are knocked out by Lumi at consumer shows wherever we go,” said Apeer Marketing Manager Linda Tomb, “Now, they can step into a showroom and pick up on it immediately, with not only the same products but the same look and style.” As MD James Mizen explained, the Pod was integral to the move into Lumi: “We knew straight away this was something we wanted to sell and we signed up for the Pod while we were there. “We have the Lumi window, the door and the new glass entrance door in the unit and most people who come into the showroom comment on it and love the idea.” Sash horn brings a touch of class to casement windows » » HAVING ALREADY strengthened its extensive uPVC portfolio by offering both the Deceuninck flush sash, Invisifold and Slider 24 door, respected fabricator Dempsey Dyer has expanded their customer choice even further, introducing the premium-quality uPVC mock horn sash designed to recreate the look of the traditional box sash window. Produced using the firm’s new state-of-the-art CNC machine, enabling us to manufacture our own unique finish to the mock horn sash providing installers with an excellent way of capitalising on the continuing popularity of vintage-look products and sash windows, offering end-users a simple and relatively inexpensive route to much-sought after traditional aesthetics without the greater expense. The sash horn product is just the latest in a string of new offerings from fast-growing Dempsey Dyer. Revealed at last year’s FIT Show, the Heritage Flush Sash is one of the newest additions to the company’s catalogue – a vintage- look uPVC sash window balancing A+-rated thermal efficiency with PAS24-compliant security, exceptional weather performance and convincing traditional aesthetics. The firm now also offers Deceuninck’s Slider 24 – the new best-in-class door solution offering market-leading weather resistance performance. PAS1188 CERTIFICATE IS TWICE AS NICE FOR WATERGATE FLOOD SOLUTIONS LTD » » HALO CUSTOMER Watergate Flood Solutions Ltd has been certified with the recently-revised PAS1188 BSI Kitemark for Flood Protection Products for its composite flood door. Watergate – based in Hebburn, Tyne & Wear – spent 18 months honing its design and sub V7Fp&GV7G2F&v&W2FW7FrF6WfRFR67&VFFFvF7W'Bg&dTw&WFRFfB7V6Ɨ7B( 2v6f'&6FW2WFSF'2WfW'vVV( 2FRFR7vF6F&fR#RB2&VVW6rG2WFW"g&W2W6W6fVǐWfW"66RFR7B&V6V@36W'Ff6FRv&RFP6( 26V6Bfr&VG&V6VfVBRf"G2d2RF FV2&6V&F6ƖffR'W6W70FWfVVBvW"f vFW&vFRBdTw&W6CcB +4R#r +4T%dRrT2Ю( v^( fR&VVv&r66VǐvFvFW&vFRfW"FR7@V"BֆbG'rF6WfRFR36vR&PfW'&VBFfR&VV'@bFV'FrF2v'F6W'Ff6FV7W&rFPd2R&fR77FVFBFV Wr&GV7G2vVB&RW6VBvF2bFR&W7B76&RVƗG0&VV&VBF&VvWBv62v( 2&WWFFf"W6VV6RvFFRGW7G'( 2f"fBF'2W7V6ǒ( 06VVVBF&RFRW&fV7BfBwwrfVV6