Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 57

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS The finishing touch for alternative to timber windows » » WITH FEATURES THAT convincingly mimic the original timber window sightlines, jointing and moulding details, the new generation of PVCu window designs in the “alternative to timber” category have created a whole new proposition in the market. This new segment is growing rapidly and is set to become the standard solution for those wanting the traditional look of timber windows, with the cost, maintenance and energy performance advantages of a PVCu solution. Excitingly for the industry, this offering is also entering the conservation and heritage sector which has previously been unwilling to accept the appearance of PVCu windows with a period property. As with the original wooden windows, alternative to timber windows are at their best when offered in the full range of heritage paint colours and finishes, which ensures they truly reflect a period timber counterpart and can fit comfortably into any decorative scheme. The finishing effect of an integral coating over the enter visible surface of the window completes the transformation of the PVCu substrate and makes it look just like painted timber. ProKolor® ZP is the ideal solution for decorating alternative to timber windows. A water-based coating system specifically designed for application onto PVCu construction products, ProKolor® ZP creates a true-colour finish and appearance in a single, efficiently applied coat. The great advantage of this solution versus the traditional foiling method, is that it is applied to the finished frame as the final step in its manufacture. The ProKolor® ZP coating film will also serve to protect the PVCu profile from the degrading effects of UV light and can thereby extend the life of the window indefinitely given the requisite maintenance (with a cleaning emulsion twice per year). Equally important is that the strength and durability of the ProKolor® ZP film will match that of a PVCu foil. This means that although it is a painted surface, it will not require maintenance via re-painting within the 10-year guarantee period. However, should the house owner choose, redecoration of the window with ProKolor® ZP always remains an option. This means that with ProKolor® ZP, the house owner can have the best of both worlds; the efficiency and low-maintenance advantages of PVCu with the fully flexible decorative possibilities of timber windows. ProKolor® is a specialty coatings solution provider bringing market-leading water-based coatings and expertise to support PVCu window and door fabricators grow by offering their products in an unlimited choice of colours. ProKolor® also offers a coatings application service for window fabricators without their own in-house painting facilities. ProKolor ® ZP; The Ultimate PVCu Coating System Permanent Bond Colour Confidence Guaranteed Performance Transforms in One Coat No Hazardous Materials Dry in 30 Minutes C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » S EP 2017 » 57