Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 33

RENOLIT EXOFOL PX White Ulti-Matt RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Cream White Ulti-Matt RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Anthracite Grey Ulti-Matt RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Black Ulti-Matt RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Ulti-Matt The ultimate exterior surface For an architectural flat matt surface discover the new RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Ulti-Matt solid colours which give windows an extremely desirable finish. Available in four colours, including Anthracite Grey, Cream White, White and the recently introduced true Black. RENOLIT EXOFOL PX films offer improved performance with the latest modern designs and textures. Discover a new dimension of realism. Samples of the new Ulti-Matt solid colours are available to order from