Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 139

MOVERS&SHAKERS Embracing the 21st Century Scott Chapman is Group IT Manager at Hallmark – a challenging role but one IT wizard Scott clearly relishes. » » MD, LORRAINE SNELL comments “We were delighted to bring Scott into the business, given his wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We had become all too aware that we quickly needed to embrace fully all the advantages وB\[\HXH8$[\X\HHX[܈H؋H\H][\وHX[H][[B]\\[\[H[œXZ[\HH]HBZ[[[XHœ\ܝ\ܛ['B\ܚ[[ۙYBHX[ۈX[H][[]]X]Y\[Y[[[[\[H]][\\B\\H[][ۈوX]]Y\›و[\YY\X]\X[[X[ۈ\X]K[ܙ\\H\\Y\]X^[][HYXY[KH\[Xܘ][][^\[X[H][B]ۛ[Hܝ[X[]H\Y\X\Z\ܙ\][\[XH\ܞB[XX[ۛYˈBۛ[H\[H[H[YYH][\YX]BX\Z[\YۙYB[\H[X\K]H[[X]HZ[Hو][B\\\ܙ\[]\HB[X[\[K&[^\][™܈\X[۸&B'8&\[\X\H[YX][ۈ\[[Y[[[[ݚ[\ܝ\[H\B\HX\Y]HY[ۙBو\ݙ[[ۈ\ 8'BܜZ[HYY 8'H\HB\[H]Hݙ[YYܙYB]\\۸&]\B][܈\X[ۈ܂\Y\[]˸'BHHHHUH H0H M0 L