Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 134

Fire Safety & Security SALAMANDER RANGE PROVIDES FIRE DOOR ACCESS SOLUTION FOR HOSPITALS » » GEOFIRE HAS BEEN AWARDED A ten-year agreement to supply and install its Salamander range of fire door holders and closers into one of the largest hospital trusts in the UK. Geofire was one of two companies in the industry to have its products put to the test by the trust’s Fire Safety Officer. After careful consideration, the radio-controlled Salamander products were voted unanimously as the best/most appropriate by the trust’s expert panel. Each Salamander device connects wirelessly to a mains-powered controller unit, which is easily connected to the existing fire alarm system. The system is suitable for a BS7273-4 critical actuation (category A) installation to ensure that fire doors will safely close in the event of a fault or fire. One controller unit can manage up to 99 fire door closers or fire door holders. Geofire’s Salamander range of radio controlled fire door safety products are all battery-powered and wire-free, thus saving time, installation costs and disruption to a building’s fabric or occupants. Both the fire door holder and closer are fitted to the top of the door ensuring a hygienic installation and minimising damage to the units. PUBLIC BUILDINGS TO GET NEW DOOR CLOSER TECHNOLOGY » » FACILITIES AND ESTATE MANAGERS can cover both safety and accessibility requirements within buildings thanks to a new high efficiency door closer range from HOPPE (UK). Designed to meet fire regulations without compromising on security, the new Cam- Action range caters for power sizes 2 to 5 making it the ideal hardware solution for public buildings. Door closers have a vital role when it comes to keeping building occupants safe in the event of a fire. The closer ensures that the door is closed fully into the frame, helping to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and other toxic gases. The HOPPE (UK) Cam-Action range has been tested to BS EN 1634 Part 1, making it suitable for use on 30, 60 and 120-minute timber fire doors – the requirement in most public buildings. Fire doors can be difficult to open for some building users. The Cam-Action closer is designed with a low opening force, enabling everyone to move around the building with ease. It also meets the accessibility reco [Y[][ۜو [\ݙY[K˚KK؋[YB[܈X\]H\]B0SԈPTUHTSSӑH\وHZ[[ݚY\ٙ\B]\K[Y\[H[X\]H\[\˜\[X\\[\ H]\[X\\\\ۂ[\Y\\YۙY[\[\H]HZ[[[\\Y[\[X\œXZ]HYY]X\H[\H[\ˈ]\]][ [X\Y]\HYHYX\ܘ[[YK\X[H][\X\]B\[\[Y]ܚX\Hٙ\Y]][ [ ˂[܈X\]HZ[\۝[YH\[[\HXY[\ܛY\[\[X\\L0T M0PTHHHR B[]\K]H[[\\]Bܙ[\][ۈ\ܛ\[XݙH[\B]\Y\[\X\X\ݙ\[[[Y[BXY][Y[]\[][[ۈ]\[[YH[˂&[[\HXY[œ\ܛY\[\[X\\[]\x&B]\\K[\[H\X܈و[™܈X\]K[Y[Έ8'H[Y]H]H[\Y[]H]‘\K[Y\[H[X\]H\[\˜\[X\\[\[\[[X[B]]H]Y\܈\[\NX\ [\[][\[X\\]B]][ [H\Z[]Bܘ[[YH]Z[[[\ݙ\ۈB][\[Y]ܚ˸'B]\YΈ8']\[\ܝ[YH][܈X\]HXYH^H[Y\[[[XX[[\\[X\\[]\K\\HH[H[YY[]B]H[ۋ[]H^Z[[\Y\˜۝X\\[HHYۈ\وZ\]\[XHXܝZ]˸'