Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 132

Fire Safety & Security GLASS SERVICES LTD – THE SPECIALISTS » » WITH FIRE SAFETY VERY MUCH IN the forefront of our minds at present, Kent- based specialists, Glass Services Ltd reminds us that fire-resistant glass is used to stop the spread of fire throughout the building in the event of fire through doors and glazed screens. The Architect, Specifier, or Building Control, will specify the type of fire resistant glazing required in the part of the building needing protection. The fire resistant glass will require a frame and glazing materials to enable the whole assembly to comply with the relevant regulations. Glass Services Ltd can supply fire glass from stock and is a licence-holder and fabrication partner for fire-resistant glass products, Pilkington Pyrostop and Pyrodur. Glass Services Ltd include a helpful Fire Rated Glass Enquiry Form on its website ( to advise them of your specification and enable them to recommend a suitable glass to meet your requirements. STANDARDS FOR FIRE RESISTANT GLAZING The British Standards that refer to fire resistant glazing are BS476 Part 20 and Part 22. Pilkington Certifire Certificate of Approval CF378 - Technical Schedule TS25 The European Standards are: EN13501- 2, EN 1363, EN1364 and EN1365. The European definitions referring to fire resistant glass are: INTEGRITY Integrity is the ability of the glass to remain in the frame when subjected flame for the period of time for the integrity specified. INSULATION Insulation is an additional function to Integrity. All fire resistant glass has integrity; however, not all has insulation. Insulating glasses will limit the rise in temperature on the non-fire sid H[]\YHو[ܙB[ M YܙY\[YܘYH[[[BۙH][ۈH[ܙH[ N YܙY\[YܘYKTTPT\ NNMB\Y\ \X]ܜH] QX\THTTԔ”[[ۈ\\܈\\[[X˂XX[[[\H[\H]YQx&\˂SRSUԔ\HY\ۙHUB[Z[]\܈ܜ[\Y\\  ̌LQTS’YH[HوYH\X]H܈[^[X]\X[˜[[H\BSSUQSUPSQPTT’Y\ܛXXHQx&\[Y[\X[ \[\H۝ []HQx&\܈\X]H^[˂ݙ\^YQx&\܈و[[Y\X[^[˂TԔ”\[][[Z]Z[Ӑٚ[[]\Z]][[\[ [Y[\B\YۜKQST•\  LQPUSӂHYX[ۈوH\XKۈHۋY\BYHYXHHؘX[]HوYX]YX] \X]\X[H]\XKTQPUSӂHH[Yܚ]H HYX][ۈ۝UH[Yܚ]H\YX][ۈ۝RHH[Yܚ]H\[[][ۂ\\X\ ۈY [ۛܝ[\X[\]K\ܙ [ [\ۙN L ̌ BBBB^ L ̌HBBKSXZ[[\\\X\˘˝Z”\BYZ]X\[K(Q]\H[ۙ^K(Q[]\YŒM [\B[XZ[˂(V[\YZB]ܝ[ (S[ؚ[K[[Z\Y [\\Y\[\]ˋH\ܚ[ۛܝ[\ \ܙ [   L ̈ B L ̈ N[\\\X\˘˝Z˙\\X\˘˝ZŒL̈0T M0PTHHHR B[ L ̌M L