Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 125

Fire Safety & Security Promat delivers ‘wheel of assurance’ for fire rated glazing » » LEADING manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions, Promat UK, is providing architects, clients and contractors with a 360 degree ‘wheel of assurance’ for fire rated interior glazing through its complete glazing system, Promat SYSTEMGLAS®, to offer assured fire protection for up to 120 minutes. With SYSTEMGLAS, Promat is unique in the market for being able to supply a glazing system of this kind, designed to offer excellent aesthetic potential thanks to the availability of butt-joints, which is checked for quality and inspected by fire safety experts at every stage. SYSTEMGLAS utilises Promat’s comprehensive fire glass product range, which is suitable for all building applications with fire ratings of between 30 and 120 minutes. Promat’s technical experts provide guidance on the right approach at the design and specification stage, and the system is manufactured in-house to ensure all cutting and processing is completed to the correct standard. Concluding the wheel, Promat inspects SYSTEMGLAS on compl ][ۈ[\H]\Y[[[Y[Xܙ[H]]œX[Y[][ۜ[ݚY\˜H\YX]HوۙܛZ]H܂[[][ۋX][ݚYH\˜\\[HX]\H]\[\]H۝وH\Yۂ[X[YX\H\[]\[Y\ۛYHقH[[][ۈ\]Z\[Y[˂\YX[\HZ[\X\XX]][ۂ܈܈[[][ۋ[B[[Z[]Y X] X\\وB]^ܛ\[\X[B\]YH[][ۂو]XZ[R\][ۜH \K H[X[YX\[[[^] [\\K\˜Y[X[\]H\BX[ۈ][ۜ܈[ܙB[ YX\ˈH][Y[وTSQT\ۙHوBX[HYۚYX[[\Y[]X]\XYH[X[YX\][HXܝ[XYHX\] BXY[^\\K]BXYY\ۙY[H[[XXHوZ[ X]RݚY\H[Bو[Yܚ]H JH[[Yܚ]B[[[][ۈ RJH\H\\[\XX\H]Y]Y[ [ LZ[]\˜[[\[[H\Y܈\X[H][\BY]HY\][ۈ[Z[[”Y[][ۜˈ\HX\B]Z[XH܈\][ۈ\[\™[YYHY[܈[X\\[\܈] Z[Y][ۜZHTSQT˂˜X] Y\˘˝ZۛX]\΂HR&T“ӓBPBԈPPSTTԂTSTHŒ LHBH BBBNPPSTSTHUQTSVS“USӕQHST•RŒ LH LH N X]TSQT[]KXݚY\˜\]XY[[۝Xܜ]H ͌YܙYB&Y[و\\[x&H܈\H]Y[\[܈^[˂\H]Y\X\X\“[Z[]Y\•Y[Y\’Qx&\܈\]Hܜ’\]YH[]’[Yܘ[[“Z\ܜ [\Y\BU L LԕPT MH ̎   M LLSSSUSӂ LH L M H LH LH N ˙\Y\Z˘BHHHHUH H0H M0 L