Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 120

Fire Safety & Security Make the right choice, WINKHAUS HELPS FABRICATORS PRE- with Hallmark EMPT CHANGING FIRE DOOR LEGISLATION » » WHEN IT COMES TO specifying a fire door, Hallmark says it is only too happy to share its experience and knowledge in order to help people make the right choices. Fire Doors are a crucial element to any building, having two important functions in a fire: when closed they form a barrier to fire and smoke spread but should also provide a suitable means of escape. It cannot be over- emphasised how important it is to feel confident that your supplier is providing you with a door that has all the necessary credentials and all the accreditations governing the manufacture of composite fire doors. IMPRESSIVE SPECIFICATION The Hallmark FD30 door is supplied in eco frame which is a recycled aluminium powder coated profile with a 44mm GRP thermofaced slab and phenolic foam core. Glazing units are manufactured using Pyrobelite 7, a laminated glass constructed with one clear intumescent interlayer; the layer turns into a rigid and opaque fire shield at around 120ºC. Door closers are available in an overhead or concealed option and are dependent on specification requirements, both being CE compliant. Lorraine Snell, Hallmark’s Managing Director commented: “We are extremely dedicated to ensuring that all our products meet - and in some cases exceed - current legislation. “The composite fire door is no exception and we are proud to hold the Gold CMS certificate for manufacturing standards, along with full BS6375 Weather rating [Б ݙ\[\\]B܈[K'B[X\ܛ\X[Z]Y[ M ̌L0T M0PTHHHR B0TTHPPST[]\[\]HZ\[ݘ]]H\H܈[YHX [X[][ۈ]HU܈U]][\[H[H\]H܈XY[[XX]ܜYY]H[\š[XYHH\ݙY[K X\]JH[B\Z[HX\[ \JB\]Z\[Y[˂[]\]H[\Y^[][H[\H[X\]H\]Y[H]\8'HX\\x'B[8'HX\X\]x'H\YX][ۂ[YH\X[K\]Y[B[[H]]\Б[™ZY[[\[[XYH]Z[XBH܈XX]܋H\HX\]B\]Z\[Y[وHRZ[[œY[][ۜYۜY\XB\\HۈX[YX\[˜\[\\ˈH[\[\]Z\B[ܜ\YYڙX]\]Z\H[[\Z\[ۂ\X[ۜHT̍X\]H[\ ܈\H]]\[\\]Z\[Y[Z[YY][\ݚ[X\]H][˂]HX\[Y[][ۜ™܈\H܈]]HY[[XY  Y^\[H\[[[\[X\ NJH\[][][\Hܜ[\]Y[HH[S\B\Y] \Y˜\X[KH[\]Z\\]ܜ\HX[YX\Y][[\[[H]Y]YXܞBX[ۈ۝܈8'\YX][ۂ[Yx'K\HX\[[š[H\ۜX[]HوBX[HXۈHX\] XX]ܜ[HXY][۝وH\[ZXY H[]\\]Y[B\ܝ[ۜY\XH[YXH\HXX]܈˂'[\\Y\\Kx&]H[XYH\Q[YH0\YۙY܈ [ \B\ܛX[\XZ[[[B\[\YX\]H[[\BYXY[K8'HZY[]\][ۘ[[\X[Y\ZZH\[\Q[YH0\HXX[\\]H܈[YH\YH]\X[ܛ\\XBوXY][ [ \X[KX[[]\š[[YX[][ۈ[XX]ܜYY]H\H[Hق\]Z\[Y[˂H\H܈[YH[BU[Hو][\[˜\H]Z[XH\[ٙH[][ۋ[]HY[\Y]H܈XYݚYYB[\HXY[[Y\Y[X\[\]H܈\Y\˂'H[[XX]ܜYY][H]\]Z\[Y[]\\Q[Yp[U[œ\[\X]HY[\Y[\H\X[]\BY[][ۜ8'HZYZZK8'\›YX[XX]ܜ۸&]]B[\ۜY\XH\\\š[\[]H\HقXY][\X[H]\H[K]]\HBݙ[][ۈHH\Y\Y\'BZZHۘYY8'x&]B]\YX[H[\BY\][ۈݙ\H\\HقYX\[[ܙH[[B^ ͈[۝ˈ[X[YZH]HY[[ܙH[[ܙB[]Z\Y\܈ \Hܜ˂'][]\HY\[[ܛYYۈ]\H\]Z\[Y[˜[\\H[Y[KXZ[œ\H\\Y\^H[ZXYوHX\] 'B[]\˘˝Z