Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 12

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS COMPOSITE DOORS - THE PERFECT PRODUCT FOR YOUR PORTFOLIO “Hi, I’m George Clarke, product ambassador for Truedor from IG Doors. I believe that Composite Doors are the perfect product for your portfolio if you are a trade installer”. » » “COMPOSITE DOORS ARE THE product which more than any can make an immediate and dramatic change to the appearance and feel of a home, and such is the vast array of features and benefits in the product that where home-owners are concerned they are probably the most marketable of all the products in the fenestration industry today.” “Whether your customers live in a Victorian terrace, a 1930’s semi-detached, a cottage or a truly modern development, there is a door style which is perfectly suited to their property.” “For so many years the range of styles and colours available to you as an installer was really limited, but thankfully that’s no longer the case.” “This gives you a product range which can really help you to open up new business streams, or develop those you already have. The potential is enormous, and with more and more home-owners choosing Composite Doors over any other front door type, and increasingly thinking seriously about them as a product suitable for the back of their homes too, the scope is fantastic.” “I always say to home-owners that it is important to understand the crucial role a front door plays in the look and feel of the home and how important it should be to them – every time they come home of an evening, or friends and neighbours come to the door it is an opportunity for them to feel that the door is entirely personal to them, a reflection of their personality. It should give them a real sense of pride, and a real sense of ownership.” “For you as an installer, knowing that this is how home-owners think today simply reinforces the importance of being a Composite Door supplier. As I said at the outset, there is no more marketable product in the industry today, and it is a sector that is going to continue to grow for years to come.” CONSUMER CONFIDENCE TAKES A KNOCK IN JUNE GfK’s long-running Consumer Confidence Index decreased five points in June to -10, compared to -5 last month. » » JOE STATON, HEAD OF MARKET Dynamics at GfK, says: “This month’s survey covers the period before and after the UK general election and reveals a sharp drop in confidence among consumers across all measures. The Overall Index Score is just two points away from last year’s post- Referendum low of -12. We have falls this month reflecting negative sentiment about our personal financial situation and expectations for the wider economy. “The scores on the general economic situation looking forward and back 12 months are now particularly weak. All this concern will worry the UK’s retailers, with this month’s plunge in the Major Purchase Index (down eight points) reflecting our increased caution over non-food spending and our softening appetite for debt. Strong consumer spending has propped up the economy since last June but now the twin pressures of higher prices and sluggish wage 12 » SE P 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M growth are squeezing household finances and adding to widespread fears of a Brexit-induced economic slowdown.” UK CONSUMER CONFIDENCE MEASURES – JUNE 2017 The Overall Index Score in June is -10. All five constituent measures decreased this month with the biggest drop occurring in the Major Purchase Index which decreased eight points this month to +1; this is eight points lower than June 2016. PERSONAL FINANCIAL SITUATION The index measuring changes in personal finances during the last 12 months has decreased by three points this month to -1; this is seven points lower than this time last year. The forecast for personal finances over the next 12 months has decr V6VBfW"G2F2FFF20VvBG2vW"FVR#b( rFRGv&W77W&W2bvW &6W2B6Vvv6vvRw&wF&P7VVWrW6V@f6W>( tTU$T4Ԕ24ETDFRV7W&Rf"FRvVW&V6֖06GVFbFR6VG'GW&rFR7B F22FV7&V6VBffRG2F#SF20"G2vW"FVR#bWV7FF2f"FRvVW&V6֖06GVFfW"FRWB"F2fPFV7&V6VBGvG2F2FF#3F20RG2vW"FVR#b(04du2DUFR6fw2FW2FV7&V6VBRBFCF22RBvW"FVR#b