Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 112

HARDWARE Dynamic 2D-C Provides Quality Solution for New View Windows’ Composite Doors » » NEW VIEW WINDOWS, ONE OF THE South West of England’s leading trade and residential window fabricators and installers, is realising the benefits of insisting on Dynamic 2D-C hinges from SFS intec as part of a high performance door-set, as it experiences strong demand for its range of composite doors. A Saltash, Cornwall based company, New View Windows fabricates and installs a range of composite doors manufactured using Liniar profile systems, all of which utilise the Dynamic 2D-C hinge. It’s a combination that is enabling the company to gain a competitive edge as trade and residential customers throughout Cornwall and the South West are attracted to the combination of security, long term durability and excellent visual appeal. As a family business serving trade and residential customers for more than 30 years with the most advanced window and door systems, New View Windows is well p XY[\[H[\ܝ[HوBY[[܈\Yۈ[Z[ Xܙ[H\[x&\X[Y[‘\X܋۞HYۋH^\Έ8'][˜XY]YT [X\YH\Yۈۂ[\UH[[HܜH[Y™[\H\ܛ[\]Hܜ[Bٙ\YHۜ\[HYZ[]X[]KX\HHH[X\ٚ[\]є[X[\˂&HTPPSUSӸ&B'\]Hܜ\HYX[܈BY[ۙ\[ܚ]\\X\]H[\X[]K]]\Z\[ۂY\]Xˈ^x&\HHܙX]XH܈B\YXH^\[[\ۛY[[\K]H[ۙ^HۈX][[[]HB܈]ٙ\ܙX]X]\\\[H[X\[YY]K\X[ۈYZ[H[[Y[\\X[\H[\ܝ[[ TH]Y][X[Y[\X܋۞HYۋ]ۋXX[[\Y\܈]є[X˂LL0T M0PTHHHR Bܛ[ Z[\[YHHXKXYX[H][\H\[ܙHܜ]H[[[\X\˂'X[[X[ۈYZ[HX]\]\\[HܘY[\[ۈY\œ\\[X\&\\]Hܜ]єš[X[[ZX P[\ˈ\ܜ›ٙ\H\XX[][ۈوX\H[[\[\ܛX[K'Bۋє[X&\XX[[\Y\܋^Z[H^HX]\\›وH[N8'H][[ZX Pš[H\[وH[YH[Y]وBܚY[[[[ZX[H܈UHܜ˂\[[[H[H\[Y][\\›وY\]XY\X[]KX\]H[\X[]KYY][T \]Z\[Y[œ\HY][ۈوH\H\\[B\\Y[ ]8&\H\YYY[X\[B\Y\]\[܈\[˸'BTSPB]^[\\\BX[]Hو\H\ܙ\B[[ZX PX[[]\Hܛ[[܈\Yٚ[\ˈ\]H\وH[[ZX [K\][B\H[\]YH][Y]\[Y\Y[قH [K]XH[\Yۈ]]\ŠH \[ۋ]YY\Z[˜\X]H HYX[H܈[܈Y[]\[8'][ܙ]8'HX]\\]]H[Yє[X\X\[[ZXŒ P\HYX[[H][ۈ܈\ Y]\]Hܜ˂ۈۘY\Έ8'є[X\˜[Z]YX[^\[ۘ[X[X[[\[\]]X[]Bٚ[\ˈ]^[[ܚX[\[[[][ۋ\[[ۜ]YH]Y]•[\ݚY\[]X]H][ۂ܈Y[ۙ\ˈx&\H\HYو\X[H]]Y][˜۝[YHYH\]Hܜ]єš[\ܛ[[\]K'B[][ܙHX]H[[ZX [B[H]˜ٜ[X˘˝Z