Clearview National September 2017 - Issue 190 - Page 102

CONSERVATORIES&SOLIDROOFS Tapco Roofing Products » » FOR OVER 20 YEARS THE Tapco Group has been providing premium-quality, next-generation synthetic roofing materials and has been marketing TapcoSlate and TapcoShake in the UK for the last eight years. These products not only mimic the natural detail of slate and cedar for an authentic appearance, they also have unmatched quality and robustness. Tapco craft architectural roof tiles that mirror the natural detail of slate and cedar in all their charm. The memorable elegance, stunning colour and unparalleled toughness that Tapco delivers are undeniably real. Tapco have developed, and strive to continuously refine, a better way to beauty. All roofing is colour-through, pre-curved with Tapco’s InFlex™ design for maximum durability, rated for 110mph wind uplift, rated with Class 4 impact resistance, and the TapcoSlate Classic comes with full BBA certification. Whether you have a conservatory, modern house or a listed building, TapcoSlate Classic adds splendour, elegance and tradition to your home. It is authentically shaped with textured surfaces and riven edges moulded from authentic slates that make TapcoSlate Classic indistinguishable from natural slate - yet it has an even more refined appearance. TapcoSlate Classic will not crack, break or delaminate, standing the test of time better than many natural slates. Its’ product formulation and manufacturing processes provide durability, performance, and longevity for many years to come. By providing a lightweight and easily-installed product, installation costs are lower, and less wasteful than those of natural slate. TapcoSlate Classic is BBA approved for useage on roof pitches as low as 14.5 degrees on felt and batten installations. Previously, fully-boarded applications were required to achieve such low pitches - this increases the potential to use slate on hitherto unconsidered projects. TapcoSlate Classic conforms to the new European CE accreditation, and has a certified European Technical Assessment which significantly enhances the products’ acceptability throughout the European Union. Other significant benefits are: • Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre. • Easy to install with pre- marked nailing and exposure guides and spacers. • Easily cut with a fine- toothed saw or sharp utility blade. • Built-in camber for tighter fit when fixed in situ. • No sorting, clipping, or drilling prior to roof loading. Packaged in bundles of 25 for easy handling. • Fittings (ridges and hips) are mechanically fixed. • Choice of colours (6 standard colours stocked for immediate availability.). • 40-year warranty. 102 » S EP 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M • Fully tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorption. • TapcoSlate Classic is not made from recycled plastics but is manufactured from recyclable virgin limestone and polypropylene. New to the European market, with all the benefits of Classic, is the new TapcoSlate Aledora product. If you seek the natural beauty of hand-cut, thick slate roofing, without the weight, TapcoSlate Al YܘH\XYB܈[KH[YܘH[H[[˜\H[^X\XHو]X[]B]\[ٚ[]\ˈۙBX]YH[[\]YHY\\B\X]Y^XH[\[[B\\H[X[YX\[›\\XHٚ[]\[[\˂\X]؝Z[[HQB[\H^H[YH܂[\[H[ܙH[[ܙB[H\H\[[]Xœٚ[]HB˝\ܛٚ[X˘