Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 88

MOVERS&SHAKERS REGIONAL SALES APPOINTMENT »»UNIGLASS HAS ANNOUNCED THAT it has appointed George Stirling as Regional Sales Manager for the South of the United Kingdom. George joins the company with a stellar CV including glass manufacturers, Pilkington and St Gobain, as well as some of the UK’s leading IGU manufacturers. George commented: “My role at Uniglass will provide me with the opportunity to develop my existing network of industry contacts to generate new and profitable sales throughout the South region. In addition, I will look to maintain and expand business relationships with our established customer base, by providing glass solutions to meet individual requirements. “As a truly independent glass merchant, without the distraction and conflict of other market activities such as processing and unit manufacture, Uniglass provides its customer base with an extensive range of glass products promptly and effectively.” Uniglass Managing Director, David Stoker, said: “George’s extensive experience in the glass industry enables him to understand and identify issues across the supply chain, providing enhanced customer service and creating strong business relationships. I am sure he will be a \H[YH[X\ٝ[Y[X\و\X[K'BHHYYYˈH[ZH[[B܈[\Yܝ[HY[X\وHт\و\Xܜ'KHш[H[Y[]]“Y[X\[H\X[Y[ZHۈB\Y[8&\K˙ًܙ˝Z‚˙Y[Z\[˘˝Z‚ш\Y[ []‘ݙ\و\[ܚ\B[\Yܙ]XBXYY\ۂHH][ۈ™]H[ܙH[YH\˜\[x&\X]]Y\˂0H M0PTHHHR BQTUSTœ]\[Y[][\]HۋQقH \[[H\YۈBH[Z\[ˈ]K[YHB[Z\[X[H[ Y\H\قYX\][[Q][\\ܝY[][Q\]HXHY\][YH\Q^H[ [\œ\X\]Y[[H\][ݙ\H\[HYX\ˈ[X[KH\œ\ۜXH܈[[HX][[œۜܙYܙ\ܙ\X[[[H]H[YH\ܝX[BۈHYKXZ[]H[وYH\K]BZY8'ܙ\ܙ\\Y[H\[ ܈YKH\وHۙ\وY[\\’H]H[YY[ܚ[]H[Z\[ˈH]H[\\BY[[ܚY\HHX[H[H[\^\[ و\KH][\Y\][[XݙHܘ]\ZKܙYۈ[BۛH]YZY\^H\ۘ[YY 'BZ\X[وH[Z\[\B[ܝۈZYX]H]x&\۝X][ۂ\]H[Z\[ܙ[\][ێ8']B\^YYH][H\[\[YB]HX[KXYX[HۈHZBY\˸'B\Y[\Yۜ‚SUUQU 8'TT˜H\X\[ۈXZH[ۙHH]BZ[YK][HX\[[\˜Z[XYK]X[YH\\[YH][ݚ[ܝ\HY&]]HH[YHHBYYY H[HHۙ\ܝ\وH\˜[^[Y\][ۋ]^HXZ[X[ۜ›]\H\Yۈ^Hۈ\[H[^BY'BY[Y\шYY^X]]KZY8']\HܙX][YH][]\[HYYXZH\X\[ۈ]H[H\XX]BTS‘ӂ