Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 85

BUSINESSNEWS Bringing stress to work can be fatal »»A POWERFUL NEW FILM launched by the British Safety Council shows how stress can lead to injury and fatalities at work. In any activity where concentration is vital for safety, such as working in construction or driving, stress can be fatal. Stress is often discussed in relation to sickness absence. However, it’s less reported how it can endanger lives. Some research shows that up to 80% of accidents are related to stress at work. Whether it is work-related stress or stress that people bring to work, stress can put at risk the safety of both employees and members of the public. Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns and Engagement at the British Safety Council, commented: “It is well documented that stress is a significant cause of sickness absence, undermining both productivity and profitability. What is less discussed is how stress can endanger lives. Evidence shows that stress significantly contributes to injuries in sectors such as construction, transport and agriculture. “We made ‘The last word’ to warn people that being tired, distracted and unable to fully concentrate can make simple tasks like climbing a ladder more dangerous. Aimed at employees, it contains a warning that being stressed can endanger their lives. However, the film is also directed at employers, showing how important it is that managers and supervisors identify the symptoms of stress and help their staff to deal with it. As the film says, life can be stressful but people need to be aware of the danger signs.” The film is part of the British Safety Council campaign ‘Speak Up, Stay Safe’, targeted at younger employees to raise their awareness of risks at work. It’s the first time the campaign has tackled stress. There is a lot of statistical evidence demonstrating the consequences of stress at work: In 2014/15, 440,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill. That’s 40% of all work-related illness (source: HSE). Stress is believed to be a major cause of accidents in the workplace, with evidence showing that 60-80% of accidents are related to workplace stress. Watch the video at watch?v=uRNjJkAO0Ys BREXIT HAS TRIGGERED 50% SURGE IN MORTGAGE ENQUIRIES »»MORTGAGE ENQUIRIES from overseas buyers are up 50 per cent since the Brexit decision, reports the mortgages division of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations. deVere Mortgages, part of deVere Group, which specialises in UK mortgages for expats and overseas buyers, primarily from the Middle East, Europe and Far East, affirms the uptick is a direct result of the outcome. Mike Coady, Managing Director of deVere Mortgages, comments: “We have experienced an almost 50 per cent incr X\B[[ܝYH[]Z\Y\B]\^][ݙ\X\^Y\œ[HH\[وH\ܚXœY\[[H][YH]Z[X][H]\X[[[ۋB[]X]H\YۚYX[\B[[X[[X\[H]H^B[]]ܜ˸'BH۝[Y\Έ8'\ Rœ\H\ۙY[8$[[XZ[8$YH[[X[HH\YHݙ\X\˂\\X]\HوHۙ[‚[[Y[[[و]\\Y[X[\H[\Y[˂]X[H[X[\\\šYY[][ٙ[]Z\[˜X][ܝY\[Z][܂HY\[[H\[YHH[Y\ˈH]HB]YKHYܝ[ۈق\H]H[[X[ۋ'Xۙ \H\HYHYۜ]H]Hو[\Z[\BX\۝[Y\ٙ[X[H\وH[K\˜Y[YܙHHY\[[KX\K\\[]X]H[܈^Y\˂'\ H[\œ[[Y]Y[HH^]x&\™X\[ۈ\[[Y ]\™ۈ\[X][H LKH\[YZ[H\[ L B\[YZ[H]\ˈ\œX H^Z[[HR‚]Z\[ܙZYۈ\[B\H[[[ܙH[YH[YܙK'\ [Z[\KHZ\[˜H\][Z\[ܙZYۂ\[H\H[[]X\Y\™YHH^] X]\Y[ '[Y ]\\^\Y[B]YHR[\\H[ܙB\\[HH\[ ]\[Z[ YH\B[[ZH\ٙ\B[X[^Y\[^H\B][\K\XX[Hݙ\X\˜^Y\[H\قHZ['B\YH\ۈ^N8'B\XZܚ]HوH[]Z\Y\B]HY[H [H\HB^][][ۘ[HBPQKX]\[\\قHZYHX\ 'BHHHHUH H0T M0 B