Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 81

MACHINERY Saw and order »»JUST MONTHS AFTER the move into much larger premises, fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO has made further investments to improve efficiency, with the purchase of a new beam saw. The £150,000 investment allows the company to increase volumes and reduce lead times for prepped door customers, as Managing Director, Dan Sullivan explains: “In a competitive sector such as the composite door market it is vital that we continue to stay ahead of the game to allow our customers to do the same. We are very pleased, therefore to add the new beam saw to our facility in order to further streamline our processes on their behalf. “The saw allows us to significantly reduce the time it takes to size the doors, bringing each individual process down from two minutes to 20 seconds. This, in turn, will increase our capacity from 1,700 to 3,500 prepped doors per month. The investment not only demonstrates our commitment to the prepping side of our business, but also provides customers with the benefit of increased volumes and potentially lower lead times on their orders. The saw was installed and fully operational from the beginning of August.” Partnership Improves Relationship Management »»PROMAC, WHO HAS recently partnered with Insight Data, has revealed why they chose Insight’s cloud-based CRM system, Salestracker, to help improve lead nurturing, relationship management and customer service. Promac is a UK market leader in the supply of machinery to the PVCu, aluminium and glass industry. Salestracker is now being implemented throughout the entire business with its advanced features being used to improve relationship management. Jennie Owen, Marketing Coordinator for Promac, commented: “Salestracker’s CRM features were a major influence in our decision to work with Insight Data. The ability to manage all our data, prospects and customers within one system was really impressive.” Joe Hague, Managing Director of Promac, commented: “Salestracker is a dynami ˜[[Z]]HYXHوۛ[Bٝ\H]HX[]H›ܙ[\H\Y[[\X[Y\]YX][ۜ\ܝ˜[Y[[ˈHԓBYH\]\]\][H]\Y\܈X[ܛX][ۈ]\[\[H[\HX[H]\BۛXYH\[KZ[˜XHYHXܙ]HYܙYBو[[\\\[[\™][[[\ݙH\XB[[Y\X[\ܛX[KH[[H܂[XZ[\\Hق[\Y[ 'B˚[Y]K˝Z‚STPRԈSTQSӈHQSшHU[ً]KX\ӐXX[H]X]Z\YX\Y\\žYX\\ Yܛ[\]H܈^\\B]HXYH[\X[X[[\Y[ \[YH[H[]YX[\YX[\\H\Y\HHB\\[HYHوH\]H܋YۚYX[H[Z\\X[YXY[K[\H]H[Z\ MK ]X\BXܞK'HX[H[\Y0L [H]Ӑ›XX[KX\\X]H K ܜ\YZۈH[HY [H]™YX[\[ܙX\\\X]]H][\\8'HZYX[Y[\X܋Z]Y\'][\H[\X\[KHX\[[X\YH\Yۂ][[H[YKۜ[[\Y[\˜ܝXX[Y[H[[XZ[\]]]K']8&\\H^[]H܈[XX]ܜY\\][\[H\]H܂X܋X\Hx&\H\[YH[ܙBXX]ܜ]\HZ\܈X[YX\[XX[\ZH\KH\]HXBX[XܞHX[H\[Y\[]\XX[H[ܙHYX]H^HZ\\]Hܜ['B\H\HH^\]HX[YX\\ق[YQ܋HY \\ܛX[H\]B܋˝\\[[˘˝Z‚HHHHUH H0T M0 B