Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 80

MACHINERY Order intake up from the early part of the year »»BASED ON RESULTS OF its half year financial report January-June 2016, Glaston expects 2016 net sales to be approximately EUR 105 – 110 million and the comparable operating profit to be approximately EUR 2 – 4 million, according to results. (In 2015 net sales were EUR 123.4 million and comparable operating profit was EUR 6.1 million). President and CEO, Arto Metsänen, comments: “Glaston’s markets remained quiet in the second quarter of the year and the operating environment continued to be challenging. Our April– June net sales declined from the previous year and totalled EUR 22.1 (30.1) million. The decline in net sales was due primarily to weaker machine sales in the EMEA area. In the Americas area, net sales were at a good level. In the Asian market, the positive development of net sales that began in the first quarter continued. “Orders received in the second quarter totalled EUR 28.6 million and grew by 14.4% compared with the first quarter. Despite this, the order intake for the first half of the year, a total of EUR 53.7 (55.0) million, was not at the targeted level. “Glaston’s comparable