Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 76

HARDWARE& SECURITY NEW RAL COLOURS »»AN ADVANCEMENT BY Trojan to offer its coloured hardware range of flag and composite door hinges in any RAL shade benefits customers of Carl F Groupco, a long-standing supplier of the manufacturer’s products. The full Trojan range of window and door products is distributed by Carl F Groupco, including the Patriot Plus hinge, which is now available in Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Cream or any of the other colours in the RAL system. The Trojan Patriot Plus hinge is a best-selling Carl F Groupco line due to its high security features and slim, unobtrusive appearance, which allows for enhanced clearance of plaster lines. The nonhanded hinge is also popular due to PAS 24 capabilities, when used as part of a tested door assembly. Commenting on how the colour enhancement made by Trojan will extend the options for the highly popular Patriot Plus hinge, John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco said: “The increased range of colours will enhance the market appeal of this already highly popular product. The benefits of harmonising hardware with colour themes is growing in popularity and, with a choice of any RAL colour, increasing demand for complementary design schemes is being supported.” Powerful animations show auto lock in action »»A SERIES OF SHORT VIDEO animations produced by Winkhaus are showcasing how the hardware specialist’s market leading automatic multipoint locks, the AV2 and its variants, deliver superior security while responding to a whole array of end-user needs. The productions can be seen on the company’s website,, and have been created to help both fabricators and installers promote their doors to their respective audiences. “Our customers who fabricate, and their trade clients targeting any kind of project, from big commercial jobs to individual retail The AV2 Heritage automatic multipoint lock installed on a contemporary entrance door style installations, can use these videos to showcase the security, functionality and aesthetic USPs of their door ranges equipped with our AV2 Family of locks,” said Winkhaus National Sales Manager, Mike Rushen. “The productions show how an automatic multipoint lock works, and explain the specifics of some of its variants in day to day situations.” The five animations focus on the popular AV2, the electronic and battery operated versions – blueMatic AV2-B and AV2-E, as well as the AV2 Heritage, which benefits from two animations, one depicting a traditional door with a centre door knob, and the other a modern style door with a t bar pull handle. EXHIBITING AT THE FIRST EVER LOCKEX UNION, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a UK division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, is exhibiting its quality, reliability and expertise at the first ever Lockex exhibition. »»ATTENDING THE RICOH AR SB]ݙ[KH M\[X\ N\[X\SSӈ[H\[]›ٙ\[ۈ[ K[ۙYH\TBPH[XHR][ U S[X[K\]ܜH[[]HBܝ[]H]YH[[ۈ^\Y[B]X[HوH[[\XBSSӋ[Y[]ۙГ0[K͈0H M0PTHHHR BSSӸ&\^[[[H\[Y[][Y[\ۜH\Y\YYX˜[[Hۈ\^H]H^X][ۋSSӸ&\[X^]\\H[H[Y\œ[X]\[[Y\[H\Y[]YHX\X]]\[ۛ؈\X[˂HۙKZ[Y\][ۈوZ[H[[ݚYHH[[ۜ][ۈوSSӸ&\X[]BX[H۝[Y[H]X\۝ ][ۋ[Y\X[X[Y\܂Z]]THPBX\]H][ۜZY8'H\H[YYH^X][]H\]\^[\H[ܝ\[\]\Xٙ\\^\[[]˜\Y\˸'B˝[[ۛۛ[K˝Z‚