Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 74

HARDWARE& SECURITY Managing solar shading devices »»DURING SUMMER MONTHS, longer days mean an extended admission of sunlight into our buildings. Access to natural light has been linked to improved occupant productivity and reduced energy usage. However, elements such as solar gain, glare and disparities in daylight availability during different times of day can negate all the positive benefits. Utilising sliding hardware from a manufacturer such as P C Henderson when installing solar shading systems such as shutters and louvres can help manage the need for natural light and views. Fergus Pickard, Product Development Director at P C Henderson, comments: “Solar shading devices are seeing a growth in popularity as building owners and occupants seek to balance elements such as exposure to sunlight, views and overheating. Considering we spend over 90 percent of our time indoors, it is crucial that the correct shading devices are utilised in order to meet the desired design and functional requirements. “Our hardware is extensively tested making it suitable for everyday use. Our expert team can offer advice throughout all stages of specification to ensure customers select the appropriate sliding door hardware, even for bespoke projects, meeting the most exacting needs.” For interior applications, P C Henderson’s Flexirol Multidirectional hardware is ideal for internal door shutters. The system can meet a multitude of applications from traditional windows to floor to ceiling apertures. It has the capability to carry wood, aluminium or steel framed shutter doors, and offer users a smooth and effortless operation. P C Henderson’s Husky and Soltaire systems are perfect for moving louvre systems. Made from anodised steel, the components are ideal for external applications, including in coastal areas. Husky hardware can carry louvre screens weighing up to 80kg with Soltaire having a capacity of 120kg. These systems offer further variation as they can function in a single run, simultaneous run, and telescopic run with up to 3 leaves each side. Additionally, they can be operated manually or electrically with the use of either a 24v or 230v motor, with different guiding options available. P C Henderson has been manufacturing sliding door hardware systems for over 95 years in the UK. Its British engineered systems are cost efficient and combine high performance with aesthetic appeal. New Look Homeowner Brochure »»WITH SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced benefits focused to the homeowner, accompanied by a new logo and marketing materials, MACO are proud to announce its further improved Secure Plus programme. The new gloss