Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 72

HARDWARE& SECURITY SCHOOL SECURITY IS TOP OF THE CLASS »»HEATH PARK SCHOOL, A mixed secondary school and sixth form, has put security top of the class with the installation of a new wireless electronic access control solution from Tate Solutions Ltd, the specialist access controls and security division of the Securefast Group plc. The school has recently relocated to a brand new campus in the Heath Town area of Wolverhampton, catering for 1,300 pupils and 140 teaching and support staff. This is an exciting new three-story development complete with the sports hall and outdoor sports facilities, all ready for the new school term in September and beyond. Keith Clare-Brown, Director of Tate Solutions, commented: “School security is probably one of the most sensitive issues facing today’s head teachers and trustees. Problems can happen very quickly due to a wide range of incidents, including strangers coming into the school, violent actions by children, parents or staff, burglary, theft and arson to name but a few. ‘everyone wants their school to be safe’ “While everyone wants their school to be safe, no-one wants it to end up looking look like a prison with high walls and fences. Our aim was to achieve a sensible balance, implementing sufficient levels of security to cope with perceived threats while providing a pleasant environment in which to learn and work.” To complement their newly constructed school, Heath Park called on Tate Solutions to provide the very latest security system that ensured strictly controlled access into the building, whilst allowing free movement within the facility. The system selected to deliver these objectives was SALTO’s high specification XS4 proximity wireless based solution, which incorporates the very latest technology that provides a safe, secure and almost totally keyless environment for the benefit of both staff and pupils. The XS4 solution is a state-ofthe-art electronic lock system that programmes contactless smartcards to allow access to specific class rooms or other areas for selected time periods only, with the doors auto locking at pre-specified times. If security is breached due to the loss or theft of a card, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of changing any locks – saving the school time and money. Opening doors »»YALE HAS BROUGHT together its range of steadfast highsecurity hardware components to launch the ultimate door and window package. With 98% brand recognition, Yale is heralded as the leading YHX\]H[Y]HRˈXX]ܜ[˜\][\Hۈ\]H]¸&X[H܈[[XYx&B]\XYH[^[]H8&X[BY][YHX\[Yx&K][][ۋ[\[[Y\X[\X܈وX[B܈[[][ۜ[Y[Έ8'[HX\›وHX[H[XYKX\][Y\YX\H]HXYY^[\›ٙ\[[ݙ\ܜˈTŒ\X[ܜ]]Y]X[H\\H[˜HX\]Y\\وHX[B܈[[XYK[YH]HYY[Y]ق\8&Y][YHX\[Yx&KX[ܜܘ]\\0 Lܝو[[X[\^[Y[BY[ۙ\YHXZ[\YH˜HZ[\HوHX[H\ۙ[ 'X[H\[^\Y[ۛۂ\H[\YH[YBX\]K]H[Y\\H\وH[H[[]\\[Hو܈[[\\HX[Bۙٙ\[][Y]\XX]܈\Y\[B[ۜ[Y\'BX[H\[\^Hو\YܙB܈][ۜ][XX]ܜYY]H^X[X\]B[\وT̍ L\[\ۜ[H][[[ݘ]]B[^][]XX\H] \X[]\]H][ۋX\\[B̈0H M0PTHHHR BZ[][YYY]\]œ[\Y][ \[[XK][۝[Y\Έ8'HX[H܂[[XYH\[B[\X[[ [Y[ ]\\ZYH\Y˜ۜY\[X[XZ\\H܈܈[&\\\KۘH^H\H]][Y\™HHXY[[[YBX\]H^H\H\Z[BX\\Y]]8&\H]X[]HX][XZ\YK'BXX]ܜ[HBX[x&\YH[Hو\\H›YY]Z\YY][[\[\[[\\YۙY[ܜ[[Y\BH[\ ]Y]H[\B[\ [Y[T̍   ͌KL܈X]\Y\[XHY\YX\YH\YۈXܙY]][ۊK[ NL ͍ ˂X[Yܘ[[][ۜ˂˝Z‚