Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 62

CONSERVATORIES ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION »»TUFFX CUSTOMER, Matthews & Peart, has completed its installation of Ambi Fusion Roof Glass on a stunning countryside home in Shropshire. The home had an existing 10-year-old conservatory glazed roof, which the homeowner complained of it being too hot and too bright in the Summer. They were looking for a solution and were offered tiled effect roofs from other companies. Matthews & Peart offered TuffX’s new Ambi Fusion product and after showing them a sample they were impressed with its specification, which reduces the suns glare whilst still allowing light in. A combination of Ambi Fusion and self-cleaning glass was used. The installation took a team of 2 just a day and a half to complete. Matthews & Peart commented on the quality and service of TuffX’s product. The homeowner said they were delighted with the product, with friends also offering up complimentary remarks and interest. TuffX Director, Graham Price, commented: “It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom in a dark room when it can be light and bright with Fusion White! “Ambi-fusion glass has been designed in house based on extensive market research for the replacement conservatory roof market. The major problem with tiled solid roofs has proven to be that existing conservatories and adjoining rooms are too dark therefore offering our ‘niche product’ Ambi-fusion glass is the solution. “It gives the home owner a choice of solid white glass and H[\[\X[][ۈ][Y[ ܈YH[[\ۜ\]ܞK\[[H^Y[[B[\و\[H[\B[X[][و\ L BYH]ZX[[][ۋ\[\\]Z\[Y[܈Y][ۘ[Y\Y[[\[^[\BZ[[Y[][ۜ˂'[XKY\[ۈ\Y\˜\[\][XX[[œ\Y\^[[\X[[[][ۈو KHK][YKH\X]YX[ۈو H[Y[Z\[ۈو KX\œ\X܈HY[B^\8'HYܘZ[K˝Y\˘˝Z‚Hܘ[Y\\[ӔTUԖHUUSU›]ܚ\\\H\\[܈Z\[ܘ[[X[][Y] Y\\[\[\\H LK[ۈ[[\B M H[H[YH]HXZ[HX\وۙۈ[ؙ\ MK\YX\BR[\Y\]HY[[\Y[Bۜ\]ܞH]]]ܚ\H[\[š[]\K]H\[][ۈوY\\[[\Y܈HYZ[ [ۙ][ H H\ܚ[XH[ [[ۛH[\B\وH[\][ۈ܈H\[\ۂ[H8&Hܘ[Y\\[8&K[ݚYBۜ\]ܞH]]8&\Y\]H[[œXH^H܈HYZ[ [][[H[HHۙ\[\XܜوHXZܚ]HوH]Z[0H M0PTHHHR B\\XXZH\Hۜ\]ܞB]]]ܚ\[\Z\]\š\ؘ[[\\ˈ[[ۙBYZ[[Hܛ\[]HBܝ[]H^ܙHH[[[\Y\\]\[[\H܈[\[\YY][X܈HXZ[YZ\ۈB][[و]\^Hوؙ\܈B[X[ۜ\]ܞH]]]ܚ[B[\[]\\[[۞H]H\]X”[XKY\\ '\8&\XH^\]x&H\[\[[ݚY\[و\\\]HX\]B][[\HYX\[\ܝ܂ۙH[\8'HZYۜ\]ܞH]]X[Y[\X܋ܙY[K