Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 60

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS GEORGIAN TAKES THE LEAD »»JUST SIX MONTHS AFTER ITS official launch, RegaLead’s new Georgian lead profile is providing strong sales opportunities, as fabricators enjoy the various unique application benefits and installers the unique design possibilities this new product offers. Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director at RegaLead, comments: “The new profile replicates the look of aluminium Georgian bars, but with a host of additional benefits including the in-house manufacture of even complex grids and a significant reduction in the costs associated with face fixed astragals. The specialist powder coating technology, meanwhile, ensures the product is suitable for external use. “We’re really pleased with the response we’ve had so far. In line with demand we have already added a 22mm option to the range, as well increasing the in-stock range to four popular colours: White, 9001 Cream, 7016 Anthracite, and Chartwell Green. In addition, we can now offer any RAL colour on 7-day lead time for as few as 18 rolls. “As the clear market leader in the manufacture of adhesive lead, manufacturing in excess of 10,000 rolls per week, we continue to innovate in this sector and are still very much focussed on our core offerings within it.” NEW TRIPLE GLAZING GUIDE »»THE GLASS AND GLAZING Federation (GGF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new “Triple Glazing Guide”. This guidance document is to help guide manufacturers, and installers of Triple Glazing in the UK. Russell Day, GGF Senior Technical Officer, commented: “Over the last few years it is clear that increased promotion of triple glazing by the industry has increased the consumer demand for this product. This new guide considers the benefits associated with triple glazing, and the factors that manufacturers and installers of triple glazed windows should consider.” The factors to be considered are thermal performance, acoustic performance, IGU and frame design and specification, manufacturing requirements, the effects on distribution and installation and the possible effects on optical and visual quality. Steve Rice, GGF Technical Director, commented: “As we have seen the triple glazing sector grow, the GGF technical team felt it was essential to produce a guidance document that would help them in the manufacture, supply and installation of this increasingly popular product.” Available for free download from the Members Area of the GGF website and printed copies can be ordered at a special Members’ discount from the GGF shop http://shop. g ٛY[X\˘K˂&\Y\ܛX[x&B[X\][YTPTBܛ8&\ˌH\HYHX\\\][Y]8&\Y\ܛX[x&H[X\˂\H^YKX][X\K\Y[X\[Y[ۙ\]Z\[]HHXY[\HYHX\\[YKHX\X]\HB\Y]H[&\Y\ܛX[x&H\BY\[HH\[x&\”\[[Y\[\]YB[ݙ[XXܙ TPT\YY[\Y܈][[\X[\ܛX[H[ۙ[\[œ\[ˈ]8&\\܈\B^[[HˌHX\\܈\]]\8$ IHق\]]\Z[[Y[š]HTPT[YK0H M0PTHHHR B'Y[ۙ\^XZ\][H[\BYXY[[Y\\ܛZ[YX\Y\YX\8'H^Z[\TPTXYوX\][ [\ R \[[ K8'\][œX\]Hۜ[Y\XXBوZ[ TPTٙ\›][[ۙ[\[œ\ܛX[H[HX\‚\HH[\و]X[]H][[[\[ XX]ܜ[[[\[\HHX\›ۈZ\[šY[ۙ\^H]HB\H\\HYHX\\[YK'B&XXHوZ[8&B˜\X\B