Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 56

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Simulate Multipane Windows in Triple Glazing »»THERMOSEAL GROUP, the UK’s leading manufacturer of warm edge spacers and accessories, is soon to add a 6mm x 18mm Interbar (Muntin) and fittings to its current Thermobar Interbar range. This new narrow profile is designed to simulate traditional multipane windows in highperformance triple glazed solutions. Thermobar Interbar has been developed by the Group’s own innovation centre with a bespoke engineering plastic to complement its Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacer ranges and offer a superior thermal efficiency than traditional aluminium systems. Interbar is a rectangular profile bar with accompanying centre and edge keys used to construct a framework to be integrated within an insulated glass (IG) sealed unit. Other sizes of Thermobar Interbar include 11.5mm x 18mm and 15.5mm x 18mm and are available in black, grey and white. This Interbar framework is to be encapsulated in an IG unit and a Surface Mount Georgian bar is placed in position on the surface of the glass. Within the window, Thermobar Interbar appears like two spacer bars back-toback to simulate the aesthetic of traditional multipane windows. The look of multipane windows can also be simulated using Thermoseal Group’s Thermobar Duplex system, differing to Interbar in that its specially desi ۙY^\›XZH\Hو[\\[ؘ\X\\'H\[ؘ\[H\[[ۙBY\]Y[HX\] 8'H^\X\’X [\\X܈܈\[X[ܛ\ 8'ۛH\]J\]H\B\ݙY[XY]\HY\\X[YXY[H[YHو MR\\YYYH[\ݙ\[X\]K]\˜[Y\]HYH[Hو\BX\ܚY\XH\[X]Z] '\[ؘ\[\\\Y[\X[\B[XZ]Y[HX\][\Y\˜\H\]Y\[\\^\ˈ\YܙK[HY][ۈو [H N[\\H[Y LK[[H [H[MK[[H [H^\[HX\]\B]][܈\H[\[ٛ^[\[ؘ\'H\H^[Y[HYو\\[ؘ\[\[ٛ^[Hق\HYHX\[\H[Z]Y[۝[Z[][[^[\ܝ[و\X[HYXY[X]\\و\\ۙ[[YY]H۝[YY[X[܈[\ݙY\ܛX[KHܝ\[™\\]Xݙ\HZ[›[۝˸'B[ LH H ML܈BB[XZ[[\\[X[ܛ\ BQSHVHUKUPT°QTԓPSB[Z[]Y\Y\BXY\]YH^B\H[\YXHوH]™[[Y[[\[\YۈX]\H[\\KH۝[\]]H[X\\[\Y[]HܙX]Y]KUX\[\\؝\KۙHو][ۘ[Y[B[[ݘ][ۈ[\\\™\X\Y[ ݚYB[Y\X[\ܝ[ܛ X\XHX[]Y\™܈\ܛ[Y ]X\[Y\˂HZ[]^HوY[[]^HYH LXܙH]KYX[H\]]BوY[H[ݚ[ܝ\Y\[ۘ\HKZ[XY[[›وY[YXܙX]X\œ\X\[\Z[Z[[X][X]XX[[\ۛY\X]\\X\˂]H\Y\[\X\š]HY[ܙX]Y [[›ٙ\]^H[Hܙ\]H\\X\[B[XXYۙ]XX[NY Y[ܙY[YH[[] \H[HYHBX[ۈوZ[X\\˜[\Yۜ]]HY[[Yܘ]Y]H\Y]Hق[]H\]X\[\[[][\YHY\[B\[XY&\]\Z]][XH]]H[ۜ] [H\[K[ܙH[ HX[ۜو\š]HY[XY[\YYHXYX[ݚYYY][ۘ[XX[[\[™^\\HY[Y[B\\X\Y\Yۙ\Z[H\[ۘ\ ڙXX[Y\X[B^[܋ZY]HڙXY[Y]YHXX[\ܝM0H M0PTHHHR BHXYY] X[YYHXYX][ۈق\\\Xۙ\[X[Y[][ۜ܈HXܘ]]B[\^Y\\Y\HYY8']\[\ܝ[\HH\Y[]H^Y\[Xܘ]]H[Y^Y\]H\]Z\Y\X[ˈ\KXYš[\\Y]]XX[^\Y[H[^\\Hو\[\H\\]\'B][ܝYXKXY&\[\˜[X\][\X܋YY'H\H[YYH[Y]\[ݘ]]K[\\[œڙX ']\\\^\\H[[[[Z[][X\[ \]X\[\HY\]X[]H[XYX][ۈ܂ܛ[XZ[[[ݘ]]BXXڙX˸'BXY\HR[ۙY\][ܙH[ YX\ق\[Z[][^\Y[B[^\\K\X\Y[ NM H\H\Z[Bۙ\]][ۈ\[BؙH܈X[YX\[Y]X[]HXX[\X\]H\œX[H[Hو\\[^\YY][]YX[Y[\\][ۜ˂˜XY˘˝Z‚