Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 49

GLASSTECPREVIEW Survey results and new regulations prompt exhibition stand rethink »»TWO EXHIBITION STAND builders are urging companies to take a modular approach to stand design to achieve their exhibition objectives in terms of achieving visitor results and fulfilling new health and safety obligations. WHAT VISITORS WANT Exhibit Interactive, a fresh thinking company based in Warwickshire, is taking a stand on the traditional approach to trade shows by encouraging companies to stop wasting money on extravagant single use builds, because they’re simply not what visitors want to see. The bold statement is being made by Exhibit Interactive’s team after running a survey at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) 2016 exhibition held recently in Manchester. Delegates were asked what the most important factor was in encouraging them to visit an exhibition stand - the results are as follows: • New products - 37% • Networking opportunities - 30% • New technology - 28% • Stand design structure 5% • Graphic messages - 0% The new CDM regulations now apply to the building of temporary structures like this Stand design structure and graphic messages, two of the areas that companies spend thousands of pounds on in the run up to an exhibition registered at a measly 5% and 0%. New products, networking opportunities and new technology, on the other hand, scored roughly a third of the opinions cast each. Joe Ashton, Director at Exhibit Interactive, said: “I’ve seen it so many times - companies get carried away and agonise over complex and costly stand designs, but does this really generate business for them? Of course there are other factors that will influence these results, but the conclusion is that you really don’t have to build big structures to get the interest of the visitor.” Saint Gobain CIH 2016 COST-EFFECTIVE, SUSTAINABLE APPROACH Exhibit Interactive is already practising what it’s preaching with big name clients opting for a more cost effective, sustainable approach to trade shows. Using modular display systems, which can be used time and again, coupled with the latest in augmented reality and virtual reality software, Exhibit Interactive is helping its clients deliver what customers are actually looking for. Ashton continued: “Saint Gobain is a world leader in design, production and distribution of construction materials and innovative solutions. We built a modular stand for them to use at CIH 2016 and they’ll go on to use it at future trade shows and at their own proprietary events.” NEW REGULATIONS Alan Jenkins is the Managing Director of Quadrant2Design. The company is the exclusive supplier of the Prestige Events System, a modular system that addresses new CDM (Control, Design and Management) regulations. Alan explains the implications of the news regulations on client and contractor: “Simply put CDM regulations are health & safety law applicable to the building of permanent structures, like offices, factories, houses and skyscrapers. “The Health and Safety Ex X]]HYXYY\BH[YH]وY[][ۜHZ[[و[\ܘ\BX\\ZH^X][ۈ[˜[^\Y[X[][ˈ[[ܞK[^X][ۈ[Z[[^H Z\[]H‚YY]H[YH][وX[[Y]HY\][ۈ\H][X[[ۈ[̈Z[ڙX܂ۘ[[\8&\]\\ܘ\\BX[KY\HX\YX\X[ۂHH[\KH[\H]\Y Yۈ[[YYYZ]HXX[YYو\X܋'BQSГQUSӂ']\[\\H]HY[][ۜ\H[[ [[\HH]Y[]ܞB\[[[\YYY[X]^X][ۈ\Yۈ[Z[۝Xܜ8'H[[۝[Y\˂'[܈H\[YKBX\[؛Y][ۈۈBY[[\HZ\[۝X܈\H\X[ BY[8&\Z[\H[\Y\[XYX]H[\܈ܜK'\][ۋH\YB][\[K\[^\™[YYX[HX[[Y]B[Y]ˈ]8&\YZY[X\BZ[ ]]K\]Z\\›ܚ[Y܈X]HZX\˜[\8&X[\\&H]œZ[ [Y\܈]\[Y '[X [\^\\Hۜ]HZ[[H\YH^X][ۂ[ ^H\HؘXHܚ[š[ۙHوHY\[\ۛY[][H^X][ۈ[ ]\\[ ˜[ZX[Z[܈[[[]\[HZ\B'H]H\][B]][ۚ\Y\]]YH[\XX[[Y]K]H]X\KXY\˜[Y\\Z[\[[[Yܘ]Y[HBY[][ۜˈ]8&\[ܙK\œ\\Y\X[\[[\X[][H[\[X[[Y]H[Y]و\\YB][\[K'BHHHHUH H0T M0 B