Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 38

DOORS&WINDOWS SPONSORED BY New trade information brochure for installers »»PACKED WITH useful information, a new trade brochure from Phoenix Doors, part of the MASCO UK Window Group Ltd, provides installers with everything they need to know about the company’s comprehensive range of composite door and PVC entrance door panels. “Its title ‘The complete onestop, composite door and panel solution to support your business growth’ sums it up exactly,” explains Haydon Statham, Phoenix Doors’ Sales Director. “We offer an industry-leading collection of truly innovative products, complemented by a service you can trust and that can help your business to grow on your terms.” The brochure covers the entire product portfolio, from the ‘flagship’ 70mm doubled-rebated Meridian composite door, County and contemporary Continental Collections to the ever-popular PVC entrance door panels, on which the company was originally founded more than 20 years ago. ‘recent investment of over £500,000 in fabrication equipment’ It also explains the extensive network of support behind the product offering. This includes marketing assistance, business support and recent investment of over £500,000 in fabrication equipment, new product development and customer support systems. “Since becoming part of the Group more than three years, we have continued to invest across our business and tailor our service to suit the varied needs of all our customers,” concludes Haydon. New flush sash systems offered »»PVCU AND ALUMINIUM trade fabricator, Sternfenster, is now offering the new R7 and R8 flush sash systems from the recently launched Residence Collection, as well as the R9 open out flush door sash, the company has announced. The Lincoln-based fabricator is a major supplier of Residence 9 windows and doors, which have gained huge popularity thanks to their authentic timber aesthetics. With the new product additions, Sternfenster is helping installers take advantage of more opportunities at the sharp end, as both R7 and R8 have been optimised for easy installation in standard PVCu retrofit and refurbishment projects - R7 comes with seven chambers, and a profile depth of 75mm, while R8 has eight chambers, and a depth of 85mm. Recently, the company launched another flush sa [[S[Hˈ\YۈH\[H][YBX][[HH[\ Xܘ]]H\Y\[S[B\H\HXH\]]]B\\[\]]H]\œ\XH][ۙY[[[\XZH[ܙHX\[']H[ܙH]\HXܝ[\\Y\\B]\XY\][\HۂH\[\]\]\K8'B^\]H[K][ۘ[[\“X[Y\˜\[\˝Z‚˜[^ܜ[[˘˝Z‚TTSTSUPQSL BшSS STQHSTSӔ°TVHTSUۛH MHو][\\وZ\۝܈\][\\H][\\]H]HH[[ [\XB[]L Hو][\\HX\ٝ[ \[H\[[H MKSX^H M\H\H M XܙY\\Y\B[[ [\XHܘ\Xܙ[™]HHHRXx&\ٙXX[X]K[ \\H[\Y][ۜ]BY[\]Y[\X\Y[YYY K H\\\H[[\[\Y][ۋYX[[HY\[L HوXܙY\\B0H M0PTHHHR B][\\[\ L[[۝\[ \BX\ٝ[ ]\H]\X[Z[ YY܋˝Zœ\^YY [H[H[]Y[B\[K8&][H[\H\]\[\\Y\ۈ[\\O&BHوH]Y\[ۜ[YHX]\\[\KYH] K\]HH]HHHRXH[][ L\\H][\\HX\ٝ[ۛH MHوH\^YY[Y]Y]BX\H܈\H\ۙH]\[܈H\\]H]\ Z\X[وH\^[HZY\]\X][ۋ^\Έ8'\H\HX[H\Z]ZHXYX\HZ\HܜœYXY[H\]H][[Z[\HBXK'B