Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 36

DOORS&WINDOWS SPONSORED BY Investing for the Future If there’s one thing for sure regarding the recent political and economic events in the UK, having the ability to see what’s in store for a business in the future, with so many unpredictable events happening around us, is more to do with having the strength as a business to do things differently in times of uncertainty. »»A CRYSTAL BALL WOULD BE extremely useful at the moment, however, manufacturing giants Camden, prefer to take a more structured, strategic approach to ensure its business continues to strive, no matter what external influences are thrown its way. Camden’s approach of investing has not only given the business the reputation of producing products with absolute confidence that they satisfy the needs of its customers and end-users, but it has driven the company’s strategic approach for its future. Some of the latest investments made by the company has included the installation of new plant and machinery, enhancement of technology across the company’s IT management and infrastructure and creating a core of trade counter distribution centres to aid in the distribution of its products to the UK. At the very start of the fabrication process, Camden has paid attention to creating a greener product offer and, as part of its environmental strategy, it has made substantial investment creating its own recycling facility. Creating up to 100 tonnes of recycled material weekly, the bespoke production facility has created local employment of 22 staff, and inclusion of such a facility means Camden is able to offer products made from 80% recycled material; a massive bonus for its customers selling a greener, eco-friendlier door or window. Driving further efficiencies through the business, and to guarantee it maintains full support for customer demand, C [Y[\˜[[\ݙY]Y]وX[œX]H]X\\XK]B[[][ۈ[][YHX[ۂ\\Y[و\XX\YXX[[˜[\ˈ\H]]X]YXX[\]BY[]Y\\]Hܛ[[X[ۈ[Y[H]\Y\ٙ\\\\\[YY]H[X[وH[\\\\X\وX[ۈ]H[Y[[\ݙ[Y[X]\\Y]K]H\YXH\]H܈X[ۂX[]HYZ[X\]H[\Y[[]œ؛XXH[H[\[Y[][ۂوH]K\]Y ]]X]Y\X[Y[]\[X[ۈX[]KH\XZ[\X[Y[]\X[]H\\\]و\\X[ۈX[]Y\و[H\]\X[XX]܎YZ[H\HًۘBYZ[؛X[]]X]YXK[ۙYHH[وHYK]Z[YܚٛܘH]\܈Hܛ[[X[قX[ۋXH\ٙ\YX[X[[Y]\[\\ݙ\H\]YX\][\ۜ[Y\ۛYHو]^H[\Y[ZY[YHH[ܙX\Y\HقH[\][X\HوX\[ܛX][ۋHY\ٙ\[\X][ۜ[[˜[܈X\XYH[\[^XY [Y[&\[\Y[[ܛ[š]X[ۈ\\[\X\\[\X[ۙYH\H[[^X][ۜš\Y[H][Y[وH\HU\[K[[[Y[[]\Y\X[YHܙ\[ܛX][ۈ[[]\Y\˜]\YH[\H\ˈ\XK]Z[XH]\Y\\K\ܙX]Y[\H][Y[Y[YB[[Y]]\Y\\XK\Y\\XHY\[X[Hܛ\][Y[]ۙHZ[]ܘ[[YHق^[[ۋݙ\H\]YX\[XBLRX\YYH[\ˈH[\Y[[\ڙX\Y[]\[œX[HR]XXK[ً[Z[]HXK]YXH\XH\][܂H\Y\\[[^HYYY] [ܙX]H[]\[\وH[Y[&\XZ܂[YX[][[[܋\YXH\]Hܜ[[Y[\\X[Y\˂[Y[&\\\YH[\\\Y[Hܝ U\[XX\ٚY[ ]\[\\H]\Y\[HR[Y[’\X ]\KYYYY[ ][YK[ܙ ]\[\X [\Y[[H]\\Y[XYH™[\H]H\[x&\ \\Y\˜\HXHXZ]HXX[][ۜZ\YY H]H[ܙH\ۘ[X [^H\]Z\HH[ܙH[[YYX]H\ۜKH[Z]Y[[Y[\[[YY]]\[\]]\H][YHق][\Y[]YK[X\]ٙ\[ݘ]]HX[\X\X\B]\Y[\H]\Y\]HœX\ۈYZ][[\]]HݚY\˘[Y[ܛ\ ˝Z‚͈0H M0PTHHHR B