Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 28

DOCQ&PAS 24 The Door Sweet Spot »»DAN SULLIVAN, MANAGING Director of DOORCO, discusses how manufacturers need to continue to invest so customers have access to purpose-driven innovation that ensures legislative compliance and also brings new sales opportunities… “I was talking to a retailer recently who told me that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d sold a houseful of replacement windows. Everything has been focused on demand for doors for his business over the last 12 months. While he may have slightly exaggerated the situation, nobody can argue that the door sector, especially composite doors, is currently thriving and is now a core focus for many fabricators and installers. Partly driven by consumer demand, and partly by innovation in product development at the top of the supply chain, we’ve reached the door sweet spot. And the market is continuing to evolve with brand new product launches, like DOORCO’s new ultimate door range in Autumn, and, of course we can’t forget about more stringent standards impacting the industry with the Approved Document Q October deadline.” PART Q READY “At the time of writing, we’ve almost reached the point at which exemptions to the amended Approved Document Q no longer apply, as any work which passed planning approval before 1st October last year and was therefore exempt, must begin on site prior to 1st October 2016. If it doesn’t, then it may be a case of back to the drawing board when it comes to planning, as you will need to ensure that all products comply. The facts: • The amended Document Q states that all doors and windows for use in new build projects must be “manufactured to a design that has been shown by test to meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS24:2012.” • Under PAS24:2012 “any glazing which, if broken would allow someone to insert their hand and release the locking device on the inside of the door should be a minimum of class P1A in accordance with BS EN 356:2000. Double- or triple-glazed units need to incorporate only one pane of classP1A glass.” • To achieve a P1A classification, this glass needs to be at least 6.8mm laminated, not toughened. 28 » SE P 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M “DOORCO has long been prepared for the new and more rigid security standards, thanks to investment more than two years ago in the production of a new breed of composite doors – one of which (the Combi door) even allows multiple door styles to be created from one design. Crucially, this new breed incorporates significantly improved security features across the board and we rolled out the enhanced security door as standard even before the Part Q grace period in October 2015. “We’ve all seen the videos demonstrating non-compliant doors with intruders cutting through unsecured slabs in under a minute and a half. Thanks to the substantial, thicker skins as standard on the DOORCO door, our doors withstood the pre-requisite 3 minutes during our PAS24 cut through test at BM TRADA. Additionally, our door range, including fire doors, is one of the few foam filled composite door ranges that can pass key/ key and key/thumb tests.” A FISTFUL OF FIRSTS “Customers tell us DOORCO is associated with firsts. We were the first manufacturer to launch Part Q compliant doors as standard way ahead of the deadline. We were able to do this because we invest upfront at the start of the manufacturing process in DOORCO Korea. One ongoing investment due for launch later this year is something that we know is absolutely right for current markets. Reflecting the trend towards contemporary living and the growth in aluminium home improvement products, our product development team is putting the final touches to our new contemporary flush door design. With the growing aluminium market, GRP needs to advance in order not to lose out and our new door will match high end contemporary aluminium windows and doors in terms of aesthetics. Another innovation, which is still in the R&D stage, is the hybrid concept, which we brought to the FIT Show in order to gain some all-important customer feedback. We’re confident that the door, which has a solid timber and foam core, is set to perfectly meet the demands of the retail market. View the cut through video at: https://