Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 25

GGFNEWS CHANGES TO STRUCTURE AND GOVERNANCE JOIN US FOR A SPOOKY NIGHT… The bi-annual Gala Dinner is a signature event for GM Fundraising and tables are now on sale. Taking place on Saturday 29th October, the Witches & Wizards themed affair is being held at the Crowne Plaza (formally Holiday Inn) in Stratford-upon-Avon. »»“AFTER A FANTASTIC YEAR SO far, we are excited to be launching one of our favourite and key events and tables are moving quickly,” says Gary Morton, GM Fundraising’s chairman. “This is the 18th charity dinner we have organised and we can guarantee it will be another fun filled evening. This years ‘Frightening Night of Entertainment’ will be held on Halloween, so although the event is black tie, a ‘Dare to Scare’ dress code is optional and most welcome. “All proceeds raised from ticket sales and on the evening itself go directly to support the efforts of Hope House Children’s Hospices, who provide vital care and support to children and with life limiting illnesses.” Tables prices have been retained at £1,095 for a table at 10 and with negotiated accommodation rates of £88 per room, bed & breakfast & VAT. Tables are selling fast so to ensure you don’t miss out please contact Gary on 07741 262612 or emai \PY[Z\[˘˝Z‚HԑPUPSшTTSӂ[ۜY\][ۈ\Y[[\Z[ۂHݙ\[H[X\HوH\[^[Y\][ۈ ъH[]ܛ\قXYX\H\[Y\ˈHш\\™XYYۈH[X\K(HHшYHY\][ۈ[\]H\H[H[]K۝[Z[ݚYH^[[\XH]“Y[X\ˈ][HYHY[Y\˜\HYY^X]]K]H\ق\Xܜۜ]]YHHтY[X\\ (HHXYX\Y\[H[\\Y][H]ܛ\\[HYBHܛ\YY^X]]H[ܛ\\XYH\H][Hы\ܝYHۋQ^X]]H\Xܜ˂(HH]ܛ\\[H[HB[HۙYXYX\HوHYBY\][ۈ]]]ܛ\YY^X]]H\XHX[XHBш\ (HHXYX\Y\[۝[YH\]BZ\ۈ\H\X\[ق\H\X^H[HHB\[H[XK(H[و\H[\]HY[[XY[HY[]Y]وHYX\KH\\XYY\[ۂ[ۙH\ܛ\YY^X]]HوH]‘ܛ\\[H][[YYX]HYX ˙ًܙ˝Z‚XZ[\\\ܙ\°HTSVS‘Y\][ۈ ъH\X\Y[[H]H[\[H ۝XH\œX\ٝ[H]Z[Y[\][ [H\\\[YK][x&\ш[[[܂ܛ\[ۜ\]ܞH\X][ۈYY][š[Z[ [[[ۋшX[ Y]H[X[]Y\X[Y\]\YB\\\\YX]H]YܛۋZ\X[وH[\[B۝XH ]Y[Y[Y8'Z[]\YB\\\][\][ \HX[XY][Y[܈[H[\[B۝XHY]YHYܛ\š[X[ۈ\X\\][KۙHوH[X]H\\]\۸&]X]\]][[HXY]H\[YH\[X]\HBZY[H[[ܛX][ۈ\\H[[BXY]HHY\][ HY\]\\H][[]H[\[B۝XHH\H[ܚ[XY]H\˜X]\HHۛH[[X[[Y]HX]\x'B[[[ۈۘYY8'H]X[]Hق]Y[HݚYYHH[\[B\ܝ\[YY]\Y[X\\BX[[Y]Hۜ[\[\HX][B[[\ݙHZ\X[[Y]B[\˸'BK[XZ[[[ېًܙ˝Z܂]ۙPًܙ˝Z‚HHHHUH H0T M0 B