Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 23

INDUSTRYNEWS LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN HEALTH AND SAFETY »»MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS IN HEALTH and safety policy and practice will be debated at Health & Safety North 2016. The two-day event, which returns to Bolton Arena on 12th13th October, is centred on an exhibition that includes a free-to-attend conference curated by the British Safety Council. The event also showcases leading trade bodies, manufacturers and distributors, training providers and consultants in the health and safety sector, providing visitors with access to key industry speakers who will offer unique insights into the health and safety industry. Opening the conference programme, Shaun Knott, Manager at Casella, draws attention to the growing issue of occupational illnesses, which are a far bigger killer than industrial accidents. Shaun looks at the management of occupational exposure to dust and explains how businesses can better protect the workforce. In addition, Zoe Betts, criminal regulatory lawyer from leading UK legal firm, Pinsent Masons LLP, assesses the Sentencing Council guidelines for health and safety offences, which was introduced in February, and the impact that increased fines has had on the industry. Safe businesses are reliant on the entire workforce maintaining excellent standards of health and safety. The presentation from Nigel Bryson, Director of Bryson Consulting, references the Health and Safety Executive’s new strategy for health and safety in Great Britain and highlights how worker involvement is vital for effective health and safety management. Another highly topical issue that will be قYۚYX[[\\\[\\\HܛB\YHوx&\YH܈[\[[ۈ JK][Y\[\]XX[\\\[\X]H]Y[\H[[X\ۜ“ ٙ\YHXX[YXHۈ]\[\\[^X[^H[\\HHH\]H[H[X܋YY[H[\]]H\Y\H\[وK^H[[\H[[\ܝ[]Y\[ۈ8$[[HB[X܈\HHYH܈Z\[Y[Y[]H\[\•H][[[[Y]HHY]BX[YHX]NH[[\\[ۈ\[X^\\\H]\\Y\[[\H܈]Y\[ۜHB]YY[KH[[Z[\ܘ[[YH܈HB][[HY]Yۛ[H]BB˚X[[Y]Y][˘˝Z‚\Y LH[[[[B\\H\[B\]Z[\Y[ \[H܂KY[ܜ\\Y܈܈\ZY\ LX[[][H][[\H^[[\ܛ\]ZY]H[[H\[š]\][ۋ[\ۙ[܈]ܛH]\Z]XH܈\Y[X[[[Y\X[\X][ۜ˂[ MLH LMB[\\Y\X\ۙ[˘˝Z˘\Y\X\ۙ[˘˝Z‚HHHHUH H0T M0 ‚