Clearview National September 2016 - Issue 178 - Page 16

INDUSTRYNEWS PEDALLING UP VALUABLE SUPPORT FOR CHARITY »»ELLIOT PARFITT (23) IS ALL GEARED up to cycle 100 miles in the name of a charity very close to his heart. Elliott is the son of Sally and Mike Parfitt, who run Shepton Mallet’s Crusader Windows, a long-standing fabricator and installer of high quality VEKA window systems. Elliot, who works at the family-run company, on Charlton Road, is taking part in the Prudential RideLondon event, which will see professional and amateur cyclists participate in a 100-mile challenge on specially closed roads around London and Surrey. Having lived with a genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) from birth, Elliot is riding to raise funds and awareness for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association, an organisation that has provided invaluable support for him and his family. Elliot explains: “TSC has affected me in a number of ways but I don’t let it rule my life. I aim to complete the 100 miles in the best time possible! I want to raise money and support for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association to thank them for being there for me and my family.” Elliot’s Mum, Sally, adds, “Elliot’s Dad, Mike, and I are so proud of him and we can’t wait to cheer him on.” Find out more and donate at justg ][˂Kٝ[Z\[[K\\]˝Z]Z˘BQRSTTQHԔ°QTQSTHS[X[Hܜ\]BXZ[[ܙHو[YܝY\[\[\]\X\\[ HYHو K Y\[JB\ۛ[ۙ\Q\X HR&\\\ۛ[B[XZ[ܙ\\Y\و\ۛ[ۙ\BXHYK[]Y\Y[\HXZ[[ܙHو[YܝXYBX[Y\Y\[H] ̉HY[\H][H[H[ L H][Z\ZY ]\\]H IH^Z[^B]HXYH\HX[HY\[K[Y\Y[][  HYZ]^H۸&]Hܜ] IH[‚[[YYX]H[ MHY\[ܚY] \\\X\H\܋˝Z™[] N HوY\Y[]HY[[XHHܜ[H\YX\X]\Hوܚ[Z]Y[[ IH[ܚ[^H\H[ ]\[\]H ^[H\Y SX\ۋX[Y[‘\X܈]\ۛ[ۙ\Q\X ZY8'[B]8&\ܙX]YHX[HY\[HZ[˜X]HYX\\\XYHX[HY\[K[[\\ZH]8&\[\ܝ[]^H]Z\X[\ ]\[Z\ܚ˸'BX\]ۈYܝ°SQSԓTTœ[ۙY܈X[H[BوY\ܛX[HXH\[\\X\Y™[]^و][\YY\YX[HXYHY\ܛZ[¸&\\\\&KZ[[[[ܙB[0ML ܈\]K]HوH\[x&\™[\YY\\Y[[[NX\[X[\\ؘ]Y&Pۛ܋ܙYY[[YH[^K[[YۂZ\[[\[B[Z[H[\X\]ۈ܂ZXYH]\[\\]H\Š\[ۈ[][]H[[\[[ZXYJKHX\]ۈ]ݙ\ M L [\]HY]و[\[[YHY\]BHܝY[[X\]ۈ[[[\\]HYH\[ ›Z[]\˂YX[[H[H]Hݙ\ Z[\]^H[H[\][ ][[K\XH[\X[Y\و[Y[&\]\YB[K]X][[BY]و\\] L\R‚M0H M0PTHHHR B][ۘ[[ M [[\Z\H[ۚY\܈\[\]K[\\X\R˂]\ٚYY]\ۙBX\]ۋ][[]˜XHR[BۙۈX\]ۈ܈H[YB\]K[Y[[][ZY8'\Y\[XYY\œY[\X[\]H[\ܝ\[\Z[[[[[[HX\]ۜ˸'B˘[Y[ܛ\ ˝Z‚