Clearview National September 2015 - Issue 166 - Page 91

businessnews HOW IT WORKS Revise and update if necessary Eligibility criteria — Is the person you are referring in employment and absent from work? GP – GP conversation leading to employee consent to referral to health professional Employee –4 weeks off work (or expected to reach 4 weeks off work) or 2 working days 5 working days Health professional Health professional –Phone assessment –Face to face assessment –Holistic assessment Employer – Conversation with Employer/Employer Occupational Health leading to referral – Agrees to working with health professional – Consent to referral — Will the person be absent from work for four weeks or more? GP Personalised Return to Work Plan agreed – Consent to share with a GP/Employer/ Employer Occupational Health – A stepped approach – Case management And/or Employer Employer/Employer Occupational Health/employers contacted (subject to consent) to help form/deliver Return to Work Plan Delivery of: – Actions in Return to Work Plan* – Case management Success – Employee returns to work – Ongoing support available via portal and advice — Does the person have a reasonable prospect of returning to work? — Not eligible if an employee has been through the service in the last "