Clearview National September 2015 - Issue 166 - Page 67

Roto TSL 20 - HLF.pdf 2 20/03/2015 09:16:39 sponsoring hardware& security Up to 4 pairs of reverse-action locking points Enhances security, meets performance demands, adds value Unique branded surface finish Scratch resistant, excellent corrosion protection, aesthetically pleasing Compact product design Multiple eurogrooves application, high profile match suitability C M Y Faceplate and Backset size indicators Ease of identification, faster alignment CM MY CY “I recently met up with one of Roto’s technical sales managers, intrigued about how this unique product, which on all accounts, had given me the ultimate challenge convincing customers to move back to an espag locking system, asked, ‘So, what’s happening with TSL nowadays?’ “He advised that there was no point trying to reinvent the wheel, but Roto had improved the way the product was put together. The new TSL faceplate had been brought in line with the Roto NT and other modular hardware systems in the manufacturer’s range and as well as being designed for maximum stability, the new faceplates have a ‘premium’ look and feel to them. “He continued to explain that, the faceplate is now coated with the latest formulation of the Roto NanoSil coating, which uses nano technology to make the surface ‘self-healing’. It is therefore more resistant to scratches as well as corrosion. “Fabricators still get the same advantages than previously: a range of sizes to suit sash rebates from 305mm up to 1600mm; two different cam heights and backsets depending on profile; fine adjustment in the cams to ensure a firm weather seal; and a range of profile-related strikers, with the added advantage that the TSL is designed to give maximum flexibility with the lowest possible number of different components. “What the Roto TSL Twin-Cam lock has given the marketplace over these last 12 years is choice! Choice to be confident when offering an espag locking system that it will perform equally, if not better than most shootbolt systems on the market.” CMY K Visit Roto’s web shop C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » S EP 2015 » 67