Clearview National September 2015 - Issue 166 - Page 66

hardware& security “Initially however, for a company who had originally moved away from espags to shootbolts, and had spent the last few years shouting about it, needed convincing! Part of Roto’s campaign to introduce TSL to the market was to invited fabricators to make a window in their own profile and invite key distributors and the fabricators to witness it being tested. “Roto wanted its whole supply chain to observe for themselves what this new product was capable of doing. A lot of people really did have to see it to believe it! The demonstrations proved to be extremely successful and gave people the confidence needed to see how the new TSL product could stand up to the best of the shootbolts that existed in the market place at the time. “The discreet appearance of the lock was not the only sponsored by advantage for the TSL, we soon discovered that fabricators liked the simplicity of fitting an espag system. It also offered something different with the larger sizes offering eight individual cams and its unique twin-cam action, a feature which allowed each pair of cams to close together in common strikers, creating an extremely strong and secure locking point across the whole window was an immediate winner. “Roto provided detailed reports from the tests they conducted, which helped support the strength of the product and proved the windows could easily breeze through against any standard 3 kN loading test. In line with standard procedure, the engineers applied the force to each locking point three times – with the additional 1 kN being applied in three different directions. “We found that when trying to convince customers to consider the TSL lock, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to see how well their own window could withstand being tested to destruction. Roto supported us by helping customers one by one to test their windows. Amazingly, the vast majority of windows survived being pushed to the safe limit, which was way beyond the standard 3 kN. Of course, all of this was done using hydraulic equipment to impart forces way beyond what anyone would easily be able to apply with a crowbar. “TSL is one of those ideas that was so straightforward it seems obvious when you’re used to seeing it - but that’s the beauty of so many great inventions: their simplicity! ‘Roto’s TSL espag lock is still going strong’ “Twelve years on, I no longer work for Avocet, but it’s exciting to see Roto’s TSL espag lock is still going strong. A simple, but extremely effective window lock still offering reliability and enhanced security on regular side-hung or top-hung casement windows. It’s a shame so many new build properties are still being constructed and fitted with basic espags. If only the customers knew how easily and low cost their windows could have been made so much more resistant to intruders by fitting the TSL. 66 » SE P 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M