Clearview National September 2015 - Issue 166 - Page 65

Roto TSL 20 - HLF.pdf 1 20/03/2015 09:16:38 sponsoring Defining the last 12 years Roto TSL 20 Roto has recently rolled out a new version of its TSL Twin-Cam Security window lock. Amazingly, it’s 12 years since the original lock came along and saw a new revolution for security on casement windows. »»Stephanie Wright, Clearview Editor recalls when working as Marketing Manager for key hardware distributor Avocet Hardware, how this creative window locking system raised some eyebrows, but soon got the sceptic’s converting over from shootbolt systems. “The public at large may not really have been aware of it, but it certainly made life a lot easier for fabricators who were smart enough to adopt it from the start. The word used at the time for the lock was: “revolutionary”. I recall, after experiencing an era of shootbolt locking systems, the Roto TSL lock, which could be fitted to a window as quickly and easily as an espagnolette, really did provide the highest levels of security. “At the time, shootbolts were the favoured locking device and mainly every window sales rep in the country had been brainwashed to tell members of the public that their window hardware& security would only be any good if it was fitted with shootbolts. “Of course, there was some form of reasoning behind this, when the BS 7950 standard (equivalent to EN Resistance Class 2) was introduced in the UK, standard espagnolettes with two or three locking points simply weren’t strong enough to withstand the mechanical loadings in the test. “We’re talking about forces of 3 kN trying to push the window open. That’s like angling the window face down and having the weight of three burly men standing on it. No wonder some of those very old basic espags just gave way under that load. “At the time it would have been easier if Roto had carried on selling their shootbolt system, but thankfully for us as distributors, they decided to take a calculated risk and put something out that was both familiar, yet utterly new at the same time. C M Y The TSL 20, from Roto is a twin cam security locking system designed for PVCu outward opening windows. The espagnolette lock is designed to the high-standards to provide the ultimate in security and reliability. TSL 20 is tested in accordance to PAS 24:2012 Annex C, and uses Roto’s unique Roto Sil Nano surface covering to give optimum, corrosion performance. The Roto TSL 20 has been designed to add value, by offering an increased application range to many popular PVCu profile systems. CM MY CY CMY K Continues over the page > Visit Roto’s web shop C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » S EP 2015 » 65