Clearview National September 2015 - Issue 166 - Page 44

doors&windows sponsored by The Ultimate All-rounder »»How many fabricators does it take to supply five separate door and window systems to install in one house? The answer is just one if it’s Glazerite Windows Ltd, as Andy Jubb discovered when one job came up t hat required just that. “The job needed casement windows, a black foiled PVCu back door, a patio door, bi-folds and an unusual floor length tilt/turn window to match the bi-folds,” said Andy, of Worksopbased AJ Joinery, “I’ve worked with Glazerite for a few years now so I knew I could get everything from one place but without them, I might have had to go to two or three, just to do the one job.” Glazerite even stepped in to show Andy the correct installation procedure for bi-folds, he added: “I’d never done a bi-fold before but they were a big help and I’ll definitely be doing more of them in future.” Altogether, the job entailed a three-pane Imagine bi-fold, two-pane patio doors, a black foil on white PVCu door, FS70 casement windows and the tilt/turn panoramic window. The bi-fold and patio doors were manufactured in Glazerite’s new dedicated production facility by staff specially trained to work on these product lines. Glazerite’s Peter Smith said, the unusual demands of this job highlighted the benefits Timber frame dynamics As the housebuilding industry looks to meet Government and demographic demands for 250,000 new homes a year, the employment of timber-based systems will increase dramatically as they already constitute the most popular branch of offsite construction. »»Timber is accepted as being highly sustainable though, as an organic material, it is susceptible to differential movement or ‘settlement’. This is an issue which is magnified when employing timber for multi-storey structures where cumulative loading leads to greater relative movement between the structural frame and the cladding – normally brickwork - at the upper levels. However, the technical and aesthetic challenges this presents can be effectively dealt with through use of the illbruck system: detailed in the manufacturer’s Timber Max brochure and covered by a BBA Agrement certificate 12/4891Product Sheet 5. 44 » SE P 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M The system features the use of the well proven Compriband 450, a soft and flexible open-cell polyurethane foam, which is installed on the inner or warm side of the structure. Not only has Compriband been developed to accommodate the 37mm of movement expected in buildings up to six storeys, it also offers buildability through ease of installation and an encapsulating sleeve that is removed once brickwork mortar has dried. ‘highly sustainable’ For further information call 01942 251400 or visit of choosing a fabricator that offers VEKA’s entire product range: “Because Andy could get everything from a single source all he needed to do was measure up, put in his order and then get on with the job.”