Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 86

MOVERS&SHAKERS Celebrating 5 years and counting » » WHEN QUICKSLIDE CHAIRMAN Adrian Barraclough first saw new recruit Amy Perrin in the sales processing centre, he had some reservations. Despite delivering a positive interview, at just 18, her employment history was limited and she had no experience within the glazing industry. However, she was pleasant with a genuine desire to be given a chance. “I remember having a really positive interview and got good vibes from that,” explained Amy, “It seemed like a nice place to work and the staff I met at the time seemed happy to be here.” Since that day, Amy has applied herself admirably to her role and become a very popular account manager, displaying great initiative and an enviable product knowledge. “I love my job and having been here for so long my experience only builds, and I’ve developed a wonderful understanding of my clients,” Amy continued. “There is always lots going on at work, with both the job itself and internal developments which means you always have to be on the ball and that creates a nice pressure – I like the lively atmosphere and it challenges a lot of areas where I believe my strengths lie.” STEPPING UP WITH NEW TECH SERVICES MANAGER » » FAST-MOVING SASH WINDOW s XX[\]Y]]HYٙHYقX[][Y[]H\[Y[و[^\Y[Y]XX[\XBX[Y\^[]\[ZX[H[B]X\\X[\HوXX][ۈ[[[][ۂ^\\HHKX[YH[HXY\H\x&\XX[\ܝ\X\˂]ZX]H[K]Y]\Y\[[Y]H[X]X[H[\ݙY\ۜH[Y\]Y\Y\^HXZHYܙH܂\[H\[[[][ۋ[\\X܈X\\[[Y[΂'ۜ[[\ݙ[Y[8$]8&\H]]8&\[Y\Z[]Y][Hܛ BXY[\[\]\^KZ[H[\x&\H[^\ܚ[\H[\Y\›و]8&\XH[[\\Y\[][]\[\وX[\XK']\\^H[]][ۈ܈\[“ZXˈHXYYHYYYH[ ][YB[\YYHYX]Yٙ\[\[[\™YX]YXX[\ܝ8$[ZX&\™XY\و^\Y[HXYH[HH؝[\˜XKx&[H[YYx&\[[HX[B[ܝ\ܚ[][H[B[۝[YX\ZXY 'B˜]Y]˘˝Z“UQSPTԈTTSPSB0HUTTSQSB\\H\X]܈\ܛ\\”\\[\\[[H][[H[H\[x&\\\[\\Y[ B\[YH\\[[HX[Y[Y[قZ[[ۈܝوݚYHH^^B[]\H\XH܈\Y\˂\ܝ[\\[X[Y\\B]K[H[HZ[Y[H\[x&\œ\\[\\[Y[\ܛ\&\\X]YTX[ۂ[[Y[[[[[ܞH۝\[KH[[\HT[\\B\\H[[ٝ\HX[X\\ܛ\[Z\H][[ܞK 0 N0PTHHHR B^[[\Y\\XH[YY][[\X[HY[][ۜ˂ܚ[[ۙYH[\\\[\\[ [H[^H[[\ܝ[H[HX[HXٙ\^\\H\[Y]X[]H\\H܈[\[ۈ[H\[x&\˜][YHوݙ\ X[\˂[x&\][\ܚ^\Y[H[Y\B\\[\\[H[HX[YX\[›ܙ[\][ۈ[\\[[ܙ[]܈܈BXY[\[K\]X[YX][ۜ[YB[PU][ [X[[KY[Y][[[ܛX][ۈ[[][X][ۜ•XH P H[H[\[\[\YZ[\][ۈ]X[YX][ۋ˘\ܛ\˘˝Z