Clearview National October 2018 - Issue 203 - Page 72

HARDWAREEXTRA ON LOCKDOWN: UK FIRST IN LIFE- SAVING, EMERGENCY DOOR SECURITY » » ERA, THE UK’S LEADING home security specialist, has launched Lockdown, the UK’s first emergency barricade device designed to provide high performance security in the event of a threatening situation. ERA’s Group Marketing and Innovation Director, Will Butler, said; “Sadly, we now live in a world where terror isn’t a distant menace, it can strike at the heart of our community. Public and businesses are being advised by the government and associated bodies to be extra vigilant and pre-plan how they might react if caught up in a threatening situation. The over-arching advice being to RUN, HIDE, TELL and when hiding, barricade yourself in.” ERA’s Lockdown product is designed for use in commercial/ community settings with high footfall from schools and hospitals to tourist attractions including theatres, cinemas, pubs, bars and restaurants. Tested to PAS24 impact resistance standards, single door Lockdown fits doors from 650mm-1100mm width, weighs 4kg and takes seconds to fit. The double door option fits doors up to 60mm, weighs 1.6kg and again takes seconds to create a secure barricade to outside entry. Pricing for the Lockdown varies and depends on numbers and configurations required. Fastener industry leaders address latest global trade challenges » » RAPIERSTAR HAS MADE THE VOICE of the UK door and window industry heard at the sixth triennial EFDA (European Fastener Distributor Association) Conference, Rotterdam. David Furness, MD of leading door and window fastener supplier Rapierstar, was one of 120 delegates representing the British and Irish fastener distribution sector brought together under trade body BIAFD (British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors). He said: “It’s vitally important that we are engaged with the global fastener industry and in great shape to handle the challenges that politicians, legislators and market conditions present. The supply chain for the vast majority of the components used in UK and Irish manufacturing is global and susceptible to issues that we may think are detached from our everyday worlds.” Cheshire-based Rapierstar plays a key role in enabling fabricators to maintain high volumes of production and deliver consistently high quality finished windows and doors. Its expertise in new product development, sourcing, international trade, logistics and © EFDA distribution ensures it can offer excellent reliability as a supply chain partner, with its current on time in full performance standing at 99.5%. Sweet on Installers » » TO HELP ITS CUSTOMERS stand out from competitors, leading fabricator, The Glazerite UK Group Ltd, combines bespoke installer-support services with a leading range of products and enhanced benefits. New to its stable of door hardware - and available as an optiona Ʌ́ѡMݕ)Ʌɽ ɥͅЁMɔ)ͥݥѠͥ)ѡѥչɽ́́Ʌ)̰ѕȁѕ̰͍э̰)ȁ͕́ɥ)յɅ̰MݕЁ́مٔ)ȁѥ̸ аȁɥє)ɥɅɅ)ѡѥ䵅)ɑ݅ɔͥՅ)ݥ܁ȁɽՍ́)Ё́Ѽх)ɥ͠)ɥєɽḾ)5ɭѥɕѽȰ)չ)ͅ胊q=ȁ䁙́́Ѽ)ȁх́ݥɔ̸ͥ)Qٔѡ̰ݔݽɬɐ(ȃ = P 0IY$\U, <4)Ѽɽ٥ѡݥѠ)ɽՍ̰ѡɐ䁅ɕхѥ)ɭѥͥ́)ѕЁ͕٥̸+qQ́Ѽѡɽ)ɕѥ́͡ݗeٔեЁݥѠ)́ݗeɔѼ́Ʌ)̰Ցѡ)IԨɑ݅ɔѕѼ)Y-YѥM̸ȁ)ɕɅȁɽՍ́ͼ)䁄啅ȁ݅Ʌ䰁Ց)ə͠)ՅɅѕɑ݅ɔt)ܹɥє